Safety Instrumented System Training Program

Jan. 4, 2007

SIS-TECH (, a provider of safety instrumented system products, training, consultation, and engineering services, is offering its PRISM Certified Training in a series of live, online or classroom training

SIS-TECH (, a provider of safety instrumented system products, training, consultation, and engineering services, is offering its PRISM Certified Training in a series of live, online or classroom training classes.

PRISM Certified training is targeted at technical professionals who have responsibility for assessing, designing, installing, inspecting, testing, operating, and/or maintaining safety instrumented systems.

Process, process automation, and instrumentation and electrical specialists will learn how to achieve and maintain the core attributes of safe and reliable safety instrumented systems.

The 14-module series is divided into four topic areas designed to provide students with a comprehensive view of the design and management of safety instrumented systems.

Modules 1-3 – Getting Started, provides an overview of the SIS standards, the protective management system, and the grandfather clause.

Modules 4-6 – Hazard and Risk Analysis, covers the hazard and risk assessment process, including establishing risk criteria, understanding the protection layers, and an introduction to layer of protection analysis.

Modules 7-10 – Design and Implementation, addresses the engineering process from the process requirements specification, safety requirements specification, selection of devices, and software applications.

Modules 11-14 – Metrics and the Operating Basis, introduces failure rate data and verification theory, provides an example of the verification calculation, and covers the long-term operation and maintenance issues related to choices made during design and verification.

Each online session begins at the time indicated and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. (All times are CST.)

Module 1 – March 6th @ 9:00AM – Introduction to SIS standards
Module 2 – March 6th @ 11:00AM – The grandfather clause
Module 3 – March 6th @ 1:00PM – Protective management systems
Module 4 – March 13th @ 9:00AM – Process risk & protection layers
Module 5 – March 13th @ 11:00AM – Establishing H&RA criteria
Module 6 – March 13th @ 1:00PM – Layer of protection analysis
Module 7 – March 27th @ 9:00AM – Process requirements specification
Module 8 – March 27th @ 11:00AM – I&E requirements specification
Module 9 – March 27th @ 1:00PM – Data decisions
Module 10 – March 27th @ 3:00PM – Selection of devices
Module 11 – April 4th @ 9:00AM – Software specification
Module 12 – April 4th @ 11:00AM – Verification fundamentals
Module 13 – April 4th @ 1:00PM – Example verification
Module 14 – April 4th @ 3:00PM – Operating basis

Students may signup to attend individual modules ($100 per module) or the entire series for $900.

Students who complete the 14 module series and pass the required tests will receive the distinction of being PRISM Certified.

Each class will be taught by Dr. Angela Summers, P.E., an expert in the implementation of safety instrumented systems. Dr. Summers is a member of the IEC 61511 and 61508 committees, chairs ISA’s TR84.02 and TR84.04 committees, is a consultant to NFPA, API, and ASME committees, and has authored AICHE-CCPS books on instrumentation protective systems.

Students who prefer learning in a classroom setting may signup to attend the same series of classes being offered March 20th through March 22nd at SIS-Tech’s Houston, Texas office.

For further information or to register for these training sessions, contact Laurie Fisher at 281-922-8324, ext. 10, or via e-mail at [email protected].

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