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Since 1960, Burns Engineering has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of temperature sensors and transmitters for the process and OEM industries.


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Figure 1: A dual wire-wound sensing element.
Temperature Measurement

The platinum resistance thermometer: Everything you need to know

Sept. 25, 2022
The wire wound platinum resistance thermometer was patented in 1924 and since then has become the most used device for measuring laboratory and industrial process temperatures...
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Figure 1: Typical test setup for insulation resistance.

How and when to perform periodic verification or calibration of temperature sensors

May 16, 2021
Following these guidelines will ensure accurate and repeatable output from your PRTs and keep your process in control.
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Keeping process temperatures running smoothly will help you to avoid failure.
Instrumentation & Measurement

5 temperature measurement mistakes with RTDs

March 9, 2021
There are several factors that must be considered to achieve an accurate temperature measurement.