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Collo develops and commercializes the Collo technology for various industries, helping customers better understand and develop their liquid processes.


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Collo is an industrial liquid process performance solution, developed by ColloidTek Oy (Collo), founded in 2017 after extensive scientific research in measurement technology at Tampere University by its founders and key personnel.

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Measuring the quality of liquid processes in real-time

March 23, 2022
Collo’s new online measuring technology can detect nearly any change in liquid properties straight from the process in real-time.
Image: Amandeep Singh/Courtesy of Collo
Collo’s sensors can be placed in the critical steps of a liquid process to optimize, for instance, the use of raw materials and chemicals according to the online data from the analyzer.
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New technology for continuous real-time monitoring of liquids

April 6, 2021
Collo’s technology is based on an electromagnetic resonator that emits a continuous radio frequency field into the liquid.