Product Focus: Mixers, Transmitters, and Pumps

Oct. 13, 2020
New products from Brawn Mixer, ABB, Blue-White Industries, and Grundfos.

1 | liquid mixing system

The Brawn Mixer BTO/BTR Series of liquid mixing systems brings optimal run time and improved operating efficiency to large-scale liquid mixing tank volumes, up to 300,000 gallons. The BTO/BTR Series liquid mixing systems increase throughput and yield performance in food and beverage, pharma, nutraceutical and wastewater treatment industries. The systems are engineered for open- or closed-tank configurations. Motor specifications include severe-duty and explosion-proof designs, stainless steel construction and horsepower ratings up to 500 hp.

2 | ultrasonic level transmitter

ABB’s ultrasonic level transmitter, the LST200, features a modular design and is easy to install, commission and maintain. It offers real-time echo waveform and diagnostic messaging for efficient troubleshooting. High stability is achieved by a sophisticated algorithm that enables the LST200 to detect and automatically compensate for any instability in the strength of the ultrasonic signal. An intelligent algorithm with noise filtering makes the LST200 useful in wet wells, lift stations and pumping stations.

3 | metering pump

Blue-White Industries’ Chem-Pro CD1 Multi-Diaphragm Metering Pump offers a solution to the challenges of dosing with gas-forming chemicals, such as peracetic acid or sodium hypochlorite. The CD1 Dual Diaphragm Hyperlink Drive Technology pumps chemicals continuously, is self-priming and will not vapor lock. The CD1 and the diaphragm, DiaFlex, are engineered for zero maintenance. The energy-efficient brushless DC variable speed motor helps achieve a large turndown ratio. The CD1 has a feed rate of up to 7.20 GPH and features leak detection.

4 | dosing skid configurator 

Grundfos’ Dosing Skid Configurator is an interactive digital tool with thousands of configuration variants to offer complete chemical dosing solutions. The Dosing Skid Configurator generates an interactive 3D model of a pre-engineered dosing skid system, a materials list, dimension drawings, list pricing, a downloadable submittal package and a contact form to reach a Grundfos distributor. Grundfos has integrated recommendations provided by the company’s dosing experts for materials of construction based on the selection of the chemical being pumped.

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