2015 Flow Control Innovation Award Winners

Sept. 9, 2015

The Winners Are… We are pleased to introduce its 2015 Flow Control Innovation Award winners. Nine innovative technologies are honored this year for their novel …

The Winners Are…

We are pleased to introduce its 2015 Flow Control Innovation Award winners. Nine innovative technologies are honored this year for their novel features and contributions to the processes of fluid movement, measurement and containment. Award nominees were featured in the June 2015 edition of Flow Control magazine, and winners were selected based on votes cast on FlowControlNetwork.com through Aug. 1. Read on to see what makes this year’s Flow Control Innovation Award winners stand above the rest, including voter perspectives on what makes each technology particularly innovative. Thanks to all who participated in this year’s awards program!

2015 Flow Control Innovation Award Winners

  • ASCO 364 Series Stainless Steel Spool Valve — ASCO Numatics
  • Model 5700 Advanced, Field-Mount Transmitter — Emerson Process Management – Micro Motion
  • Proline Prowirl 200 Vortex Flowmeter — Endress+Hauser
  • Fox Model FT1 Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter — Fox Thermal Instruments
  • Thermatel TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter — Magnetrol International
  • Sage Prism Portable Thermal Mass Flow Meter — Sage Metering
  • Foxboro Model IDP10S Transmitter — Schneider Electric
  • SITRANS FC410 Coriolis Flow Sensor — Siemens Industry Inc.
  • Mass Flow Converter APP — Teledyne Hastings Instruments

ASCO 364 Series Stainless Steel Spool Valve — ASCO Numatics

ASCO 364 Series

OEMs that build wellhead control panels for the oil & gas market are constantly striving to meet stringent specifications in the smallest space possible. ASCO’s 364 Series meets these demands with its new compact low power solenoid. ASCO low power solenoid options include 1.8 W construction for energy efficiency; compact design, which minimizes installation footprint; factory-sealed leads, which reduces installation time; and UL/CSA approvals for Hazardous Locations, Class I Div 1. This series contains extensive manual, pneumatic and solenoid options. The valves are panel-mounted, available in ¼" pipe size, can handle pressures up to 200 PSI, and operate up to 200 F. The corrosion-resistant 316L Stainless Steel valve materials offer longer life in harsh environments and are NACE compliant (non-solenoid versions only). The series comes in extensive manual, pneumatic, and solenoid options.

What voters said is innovative:

  • The ASCO 364 is a compact and reliable product for the OEM market. Fills a need in this field.
  • Low-power option in a product that meets strict specifications = win-win situation.
  • Game changing! We have been waiting for ASCO to bring their solenoid to the upstream market and enter the spool-valve segment.
  • Low-power consumption while having good pressure rating.
  • This product has many options/variations that are desirable in a spool valve for my applications, i.e. latching, solenoid, palm button.
  • The ability to use multiple operators on one valve for a variety of safety applications.
  • High flow in a small package.

Model 5700 Advanced Field-Mount Transmitter — Emerson Process Management – Micro Motion

5700 Coriolis Flow & Density Transmitter

The Emerson Micro Motion 5700 Coriolis flow and density transmitter’s rugged housing is certified for tough field environments, including extensive hazardous area certifications and approvals. The housing was engineered to provide easy access for installation, mounting, and maintenance. The more intuitive transmitter interface allows full commissioning, configuration, and operations through the display, meaning customers are no longer dependent on a specialized service tool to set up and troubleshoot the meter. The leading-edge processing speed and optimized signal processing deliver an extremely fast performance for tighter process control. Smart Meter Verification verifies the meter performs as well as the day it was installed, giving you assurance in less than 90 seconds. Up to 4 GB of data storage delivers increased capacity for storing process information over long periods of time. Built-in, enhanced diagnostics for multi-phase flow provide real-time alerts to any changes in fluid conditions. High-accuracy density measurement reduces or eliminates waste in your process, while the embedded historian records upsets and process deviations. The transmitter offers availability of up to five fully configurable I/O channels. The new Zero Verification tools offer an additional check that the meter is operating as it should be.

What voters said is innovative:

  • Easy to install and maintain, and performing well without drift.
  • I like the easy access for installation, mounting, and maintenance. Also the service tool to set up and troubleshoot the meter.
  • Is easy to use and configure. We are not dependent on a specialized service tool to set up and troubleshoot the meter. Plus, the configuration tracking provides detailed records of meter configuration changes, and the new Zero Verification tools look very nice.
  • I am an engineer working in LPG industry. The new product will make setup and startup easier.
  • The fact that you can fully commission the transmitter/meter using the 5700 without additional service tool like 475 Field Communicator or a laptop with software makes this a dream come true to me and many engineers who have been having issues during commissioning. Thumbs up to the Micro Motion team for such a brilliant innovation.
  • Our range of spares can be reduced because we can configure the transmitters to each need. Also, we can keep a soft copy profile for each individual use of the transmitter and download it into a spare in the workshop, then simply take that out and install it fully configured.
  • I like the built-in diagnostics for process fluid changes. Detailed records for meter that can be come part of our CMMS.

Proline Prowirl 200 Vortex Flowmeter — Endress+Hauser

Endress + Hauser Proline Prowirl 200

Endress+Hauser’s Proline Prowirl 200 vortex flowmeter was developed with steam applications in mind and additionally offers a broad scope of multivariable solutions for steam mass and energy applications — from the standard product for basic applications to high-performance versions used for redundancy and maximum safety. The two-wire, loop-powered Prowirl 200 measures a vast assortment of steam, gases and liquids and guarantees reliable and highly accurate measurement at process temperatures ranging between -328 F and 752 F and with pressures to ANSI Class 1500#. The capacitive DSC sensor is resistant to vibration, temperature and water hammer in steam lines. Prowirl vortex flowmeters show no sign of drift with a lifetime calibration factor. The meter is certified on accredited, fully traceable calibration facilities (ISO/IEC 17025) and features inlet run correction where installation space is tight. The Prowirl 200 increases operational safety and improves efficiency with its continuous wet steam detection and by measuring the dryness fraction of steam. It features the world’s first alarm function for detecting wet steam directly in the pipe — alarm lets operators know steam quality has dropped to a dryness fraction below 80 percent. Through the use of this single device, operators of steam systems can use this information to compensate both mass flow and energy flow thus reducing any measurement uncertainty dramatically.

What voters said is innovative:

  • Steam quality and energy output functionality are needed to drive plant operational efficiencies and product quality. This product is the only one that relates true steam quality to the available energy we use!
  • The real world practicality—cost savings that can be realized in the field by using the meter to identify if your boiler is producing wet steam.
  • Online control of steam quality, beside the normal flow measurement, is a tremendous feature that could save a lot of money.
  • The Wet Steam Detection and Inlet Run Compensation the unit can provide are exceptional for hard applications. Placed into the right environment, the ProWirl can effectively detect wet steam and aid in troubleshooting of difficult systems, such as SIP applications.
  • This product helps to decrease waste of energy in steam pipes and even can warn the operator in case the process is out of control.
  • The wet steam detection feature seems to be helpful to achieve and maintain a good performance on boilers. Also, it is useful [for] reducing bad energy calculations.
  • The ability to provide an alarm on steam quality appears to be truly innovative. Beyond that, this vortex package appears very capable to stretch the application of the technology to more flow applications. The optionally built-in natural gas engine and the available reduced bore options allow me to more easily handle considerably more gas flow applications.

Model FT1 Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter — Fox Thermal Instruments

Fox Model FT1

The Fox Model FT1 Thermal Mass Flow Meter was designed to be a flexible flowmeter for common applications where thermal mass flowmeters are used. Each Model FT1 is equipped with Direct Digitally Controlled sensor technology that provides the platform for a revolutionary new gas selection feature: Gas-SelectX. Each FT1 is programed to measure multiple gases available in the Gas-SelectX gas selection menu, which contains five pure gases and a mixed gas feature to choose from. The mixed gas feature allows the user to input the percentage of Methane to Carbon Dioxide to Nitrogen to achieve the precise mixture for the application.

The DDC-Sensor, a Direct Digitally Controlled sensor, is unlike other thermal flow sensors available on the market. Instead of using traditional analog circuitry, the DDC-Sensor is interfaced directly to the FT1 microprocessor for more speed and programmability. The DDC-Sensor accurately responds to changes in process variables (gas flow rate, pressure, and temperature), which are used by the microprocessor to determine mass flow rate, totalized flow, and temperature.  The DDC-Sensor provides a technology platform for calculating accurate gas correlations. The FT1 correlation algorithms allow the meter to be calibrated on a single gas in the factory while providing the user the ability to select other gases in the Gas-SelectX gas menu.

What voters said is innovative:

  • On-the-fly gas switching, including variable percentage mixes for biogas applications.
  • The FT1 gives very accurate measurements on mixed gases much better than other technologies. This is a real time-saver.
  • The ability for the meter to be calibrated on a single gas in the factory while providing the user the ability to select other gases in the Gas-SelectX gas menu.
  • Great for simple natural gas distribution!
  • The ability to switch from various types of gas without going back to factory for recalibration.
  • A simple meter with the DDC-Sensor seems to be a great way to achieve accurate and fast response to changes.
  •  This meter is capable of measuring several different gases in different combinations of mixes. Truly groundbreaking.
  • Being able to calibrate on a single gas in the factory and then use that for multiple gases in the field is something no one else can do and greatly simplifies the process.
  • I really like the new high-tech innovations within [the technology]. The step away from analog circuitry into programmable digital makes patch maintenance much simpler and therefore helps protect ICS from external intrusion. Big Win!

Thermatel TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter — Magnetrol International

Magnetrol Thermatel TA2

Magnetrol International’s Thermatel TA2 thermal mass flow meter provides reliable mass flow measurement of gases. The TA2 is available with both insertion probe and flow body type designs. Key features are high turndown, low-flow sensitivity, and field calibration verification. A new development for the TA2 is the Auto Switching feature. This allows an extended turndown while providing best possible resolution at low flows in demanding applications such as flare gas. Turndown is already 100-to-1, but Auto Switching allows even higher. The technology does not depend on differential pressure so it can operate at atmospheric pressures and has little to no pressure drop. Usage of insertion probes allow for easy installation, preventative diagnostics, field calibration verification, hot tapping, and an economical price for a multitude of different line sizes. Some flare gas applications may have little gas flow during normal operation at near atmospheric type pressures. Very few technologies can measure at these conditions. Thermal mass flow is an ideal choice for extremely low flows while the extended turndown of the Auto Switching feature will handle the upset high flow condition.

What voters said is innovative:

  • The auto-switching feature of this unit is just fantastic. It allows us to use the flowmeter starting at very low flows, which helps to account for almost any gas consumption at the plant.
  • The TA2’s low flow, high turndown and field verification capabilities allowed us to meet a customer’s exacting needs recently. We appreciate Magnetrol’s innovation and dedication to continuous improvement.
  • The auto-switching feature solves our problem to measure flow rates at our flare stack. It increases the possibility to measure both low flare flow rates during normal operation and high flow rates in case of emergencies!
  • The extended turndown will increase the range of flows that can be measured. That is very significant in our application.
  • I think the approach taken here by Magnetrol to address the current challenges faced by plant operators [in respect] to the changing environmental policies set by various governments, and considering that the auto-switching is going to provide a reliable low-flow resolution, qualifies for the Innovation Award.

Sage Prism Portable Thermal Mass Flow Meter — Sage Metering

Sage Metering Prism (2nd Generation)

Sage Metering’s second-generation Prism is the only portable, industrial-quality thermal mass flow meter with extensive data logging capabilities. The enhanced Prism has longer operating times, expanded storage capabilities, and easy-to-use configuration software. The meter can measure periodically from various locations or perform long-term trend monitoring from a single location. An analysis is taken just by inserting the meter’s probe in a 1" or larger pipe port. It has a storage capacity of up to 130,000 data points and can be configured to capture data manually or at scheduled frequencies.

The Prism comes calibrated for air, natural gas or biogas. The new Sage Prism Configuration Software (SPCS) sets the instrument for up to 12 user channels in addition to the four factory-defined channels. This software allows the user to configure each channel for pipe size, units of measure, and K factor; it also adjusts for variations in gas composition. Data can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis and record retention. The meter can operate up to 10 hours with a fully charged battery or continuously when the AC power adaptor is plugged into a mini-USB port.

What voters said is innovative:

  • Reduces inventory/stocking needs and dramatically increases turndown for many applications.
  • The new flexible charging system allows for long-term flow studies.
  • Making the thermal mass technology portable so that it can be used in multiple pipelines.
  • The versatility of the Sage Prism is unmatched by any other thermal mass flowmeter on the market. The SPCS software makes measuring a multitude of process conditions (pipe size, gas comp, etc.) a breeze.
  • I found the portability of the Sage Prism innovative, the memory for data logging, the battery, the software to manage the flowmeter. All of this is just what you need when you do metering in remote places or in a lot of metering points.
  • Technology that provides portability, flexibility, and integration into existing infrastructure is one of the core drivers of excellent innovation. Battery-powered systems that can have unlimited configurations, driven by a convenient PC interface, checks all of my requirements boxes!
  • It is innovative because it is portable and easy to install, does not require complex changes in the pipes, plus drums, and ability to save and review data on the computer facilitates the interpretation of results.
  • I don’t need to shut my process off to calibrate or troubleshoot the meter.

Foxboro Model IDP10S Transmitter — Schneider Electric

Foxboro “S” Series Model IDP10S

Schneider Electric’s Foxboro "S" Series Model IDP10S transmitter is an intelligent, two-wire transmitter that provides precise, reliable measurement of differential pressure. It transmits a 4 to 20 mA output signal with a superimposed HART digital signal for remote configuration and monitoring. This transmitter features a Time-in-Service meter, which allows you to keep track of the number of days the transmitter has been: In service; powered up in the field over its lifetime (total days); and powered up since the last Time-in-Service meters reset (user days).

Excellent performance is maintained over an industry-leading wide turndown range, meaning the IDP10S transmitter performs better than two separate transmitters designed to cover the same turndown range. The turndown ratio for span adjustment is up to 400-to-1. A unique patented multiple calibration technology (called FoxCal), is a feature that eliminates the need for a traditional single-span calibration at an application-specific pressure range. Transmitters with the multiple calibration feature enabled use multiple calibrated ranges that are stored in the on-board memory. The multiple (11) calibration ranges are preset in the factory and cover the full pressure range of the transmitter. During operation, a real-time, seamless transition from one calibrated range to another maintains accuracy as a percent of reading from 3 percent to 100 percent of the upper range limit (URL).

What voters said is innovative:

  • The application flexibility built in to the Foxboro IDP10S pressure transmitter completely changes how I buy, inventory and implement pressure measurements in my entire plant. I no longer need to subject my process to the scrutiny of matching ranges to processes or the possible error and danger of mismatched application ranges.
  • We’ve deployed 30 of these in the past nine months. Have not had a single problem with any of them. Don’t know if it’s innovative, but it sure is 100 percent accurate and reliable.
  • The unit stores 11 calibration curves!
  • Differential-pressure sensor of Schneider Electric is truly an innovation. Accuracy and getting calibration for multiple parameters is the need of the hour.
  • The most innovative thing about Foxboro is that you don’t need a traditional single-span calibration at an application-specific pressure range.
  • We can buy just one transmitter for a variety of calibration ranges. Especially useful for the customer who will need to buy and stock fewer transmitter spares.
  • The opportunity to standardize on one transmitter throughout a production facility offers enormous cost, maintenance, training, and operational advantages.

SITRANS FC410 Coriolis Flow Sensor — Siemens Industry Inc.

Siemens SITRANS FC410

Coriolis flow sensors are used to measure the in-line mass flow of liquids and gases with very high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Siemens Coriolis sensors can also measure the density and the temperature of the fluid in the flow stream. When the mass flow is combined with the process density volumetric flow can also be measured. The SITRANS FC410 offers the smallest physical size flow sensor for easy handling; direct ModBus interface for easy integration; +100Hz signal processing for fast up-to-date data delivery; high immunity to external and process noise; and QR code readable data onboard for easy access of key equipment data, FAQs, and support.

Its compact design offers greater flexibility for installation and set-up without loss in performance. The Modbus interface provides the same digital architecture as competition with no reprograming needed to update systems, saving time and money. High-speed data processing provides fast data updates when process conditions are changing rapidly. Superior noise abatement systems, in both physical and digital, means the process signal is resistant to noise and is reliably transmitted.

What voters said is innovative:

  • Siemens new mass meters are small, lightweight and stiff for easy installation and vibration isolation. We’re seeing vast improvements over competition.
  • Small form factor, simple to setup, easy to maintain, robust, and an outstanding update rate.
  • The small size and rugged build.
  • Robust construction and fast data.
  • I love the size of the FC410 and fast update rates. Very reliable device.
  • I find the fast data updates and the small footprint of the Siemens FC410 to [be] very innovative. It would allow for easy retrofit on skid applications.
  • 100 Hz updates; smallest footprint; ease of retrofitting Modbus communication to other competitive units
  • The small footprint and super-fast update rates make for an incredible flowmeter. The robust construction allows for a high immunity to process noise, too.

Mass Flow Converter APP — Teledyne Hastings Instruments

Screenshot of Teledyne Hastings Instruments’ Mass Flow Converter APP

Teledyne Hastings Instruments’ Mass Flow Converter APP is an operator-centric tool that merges today’s preferred HMI with Teledyne Hasting’s 70 years of knowledge in mass flow instrumentation. There are many conversion programs that are available for flow units, however, none of these allow the user to quickly change reference conditions (Standard, Temperature & Pressure) or gas species.

The new mass flow converter app is designed specifically for mass flowmeter use. The intuitive user interface allows the user to quickly calculate equivalent flow rates in a wide variety of units. Applying the information accessible through the APP, an end-user can quickly review calculations, evaluate existing flow process parameters against different gases, flow ranges, and reference conditions.

The APP allows the user the ability to quickly convert flow measurement values from one set of units to another. The number to be converted is entered on the left; the units to be converted are selected using the ring selector on the left. Next, the desired units are selected on the right and the converted value is given on the right.

Four versions of the app are available: iPhone, iPad, Droid, and Web-based. Each version has the same intuitive user interface. The iPhone and iPad versions can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes Store. The version for Droid can be obtained from Google Play. The Web-based version is available at www.massflow converter.com.

What voters said is innovative:

  • I particularly like the flexibility of this instrument in platforms for the app as well as the conversion programs and the standardized unit interface between versions.
  • Handy to have app when traveling and speaking with customers—makes a complex, hard-to-remember calculation a breeze!
  • For its uniqueness in allowing the fastest conversion of units, from changes in reference conditions, as well as from changes of industrial gas types
  • It offers an easy way to do a frequent calculation at no cost.
  • The universal approach to conversions is very useful in planning, operating and evaluating flow data.
  • It makes calculations for different gases and conditions so much easier.

Be on the lookout for Flow Control‘s October 2015 edition, in which we’ll take a more in-depth look at how each winning technology is being applied in the real world through individual case studies.

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