Product Focus: Measuring, Monitoring & Testing

Jan. 25, 2021
New products from Chell Instruments, Hawk Measurement Systems, and Quantum Automation.

testing chamber

Chell Instruments’ Environmental Chamber, the GMTS2000, enables safe testing using flammable and explosive gases. While most testing and calibration apparatus utilize air and other low-risk gases, this system incorporates risk-assessed features, which make it safe for more volatile and combustible gases. Within the chamber, gas meters and other devices can be tested using air, nitrogen, hydrogen or methane, at temperatures from -30ºC to 70ºC and flow rates from 20 sccm to 480 slpm. The chamber allows the fitment of varying types and quantities of gas meters by employing purpose-built internal racks, and it allows gas meter manufacturers to experiment and assess the performance of their products.

monitoring system

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK)’s in-plant and cloud-based measurement and monitoring system, the HawkEye365 Online Inventory Asset and Monitoring Portal, is uniquely different due to the communications capabilities and compatibility with power over Ethernet (PoE) level sensors. The advantages to PoE connectivity are secure in-plant and remote monitoring as well as remote sensor setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting abilities. The HawkEye365 portal not only monitors PoE transmitters but it is also sensor agnostic and can monitor any type of field device such as level, flow, pressure, temperature and pH. The multiple communication methods include RS485, HART, Modbus, Ethernet TCP/IP, cellular, Bluetooth and PoE.

monitoring software

Quantum Automation announced its QCloudServer IIoT (QCS IIoT) system for remote monitoring and control applications. The QCS IIoT solution assembles hardware, software and networking technologies so end users and systems integrators (SIs) can easily connect to edge-source data, transmit it on-site or to the cloud, aggregate and log the data, perform calculations and analysis as needed, and deliver mobile/web visualization. The QCS IIoT can connect with any user-supplied edge systems supporting MQTT. For new and retrofit projects, users may choose to use the Quantum Automation QRTU as a complete field hardware platform, with many PLC and edge communication device options.

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