Product Focus: Flowmeters, level measurement and liquid analysis sensors

Sept. 7, 2021
New products from ABB, GF Piping Systems, and Endress+Hauser.

 PoE flowmeters

ABB has incorporated power supply through Ethernet connectivity on board the latest edition of its electromagnetic flowmeter ProcessMaster and mass flowmeter CoriolisMaster. Power over Ethernet (PoE) omits the need for a separate DC power infrastructure, providing power and communications via the same cable. This brings new agility, as flowmeters can be installed wherever needed. In addition, ABB 4-wire Ethernet combines classic outputs with future communication protocols. Offering a modular design allows the combination of both worlds and ensures that devices are future-proof, increasing the longevity of the flowmeters.
Also, flowmeters with Ethernet connectivity increase simplicity, flexibility and reliability to operations in process automation, while enhancing real-time visibility of data.

level transmitter and level sensor

GF Piping Systems’ Signet 2260 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and the 2270 Ultrasonic Level Sensor provide reliable, maintenance-free measurement and detection for nearly all liquids and types of vessels — from closed tank systems to open basins. The Ultrasonic Level Transmitter and Sensor, both display blind and Atex-approved, feature ±0.05% accuracies of the measurement range. Design features include the use of a narrow beam that allows safe installation in limited-space tanks and near-static objects. A large display provides for easy level and volume readings, and the Quick-Set menu incorporates preprogrammed tank shapes for setting up volume calculations in minutes. The device can recognize foreign matters and disregard them to ensure reliable level measurement.

liquid analysis sensors

Endress+Hauser’s Memosens 2.0 digital technology provides simple, safe and connected liquid analysis. This new technology is available for pH/ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors, and it will be extended to the complete sensor portfolio for liquid analysis. Memosens 2.0 sensors store numerous relevant data points, such as operating hours, minimum and maximum temperatures, measured values, calibration histories and load matrices. They can be calibrated and adjusted under lab conditions that are favorable for the operator and stable for precise results. Non-contact digital data transmission eliminates the effects of moisture, corrosion and salt bridges — with alert messaging if the signal transmission is disturbed by other factors. Memobase Plus software provides full traceability of all sensors used.

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