Endress+Hauser launches CA78 and CA79 TOC analyzers

Oct. 18, 2022
Endress+Hauser augments its liquid analysis portfolio with new online TOC analyzers, ensuring high water quality and safe operating conditions in process environments.
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser
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October 18, 2022 (Endress+Hauser release) — Total organic carbon (TOC) is an important quality parameter in the various manufacturing and process environments that depend on ultrapure water. When TOC content is too high, it can adversely impact the performance of water treatment systems, compromise high-precision machinery, or contaminate batches. The CA78 and CA79 online TOC analyzers provide continuous and precise monitoring to ensure stable operations, regulatory compliance, and high-quality products.

Real-time water quality assessment for minimal product contamination

These TOC analyzers utilize proven UV-oxidation and differential conductivity measurement, the most-established method for reliable TOC trace analysis in ultrapure water. The fast response time (t90) of 50 seconds enables quick control system and personnel reaction in the event of water quality deterioration, reducing contamination, product loss, and costs.

Complete measuring point management

The analyzers’ user-friendly modular design and easy accessibility to components simplify maintenance and minimize operating costs. Additionally, Endress+Hauser’s worldwide service network provides end users with complete measuring point management throughout plant lifecycles, including installation qualification and operational qualification.

CA78 in the power & energy, semiconductor, personal care product, and disinfectant manufacturing sectors

The CA78 TOC analyzer supports safe operations in many applications, including but not limited to:

  • Protecting turbines and other expensive power plant equipment
  • Manufacturing semiconductors and additional microelectronics
  • Ensuring product quality in the personal care industry
  • Assuring the efficacy of disinfectants

The CA78 is configurable to meet various requirements in the power and semiconductor industries. For example, the standard version is the right choice for measuring ultrapure water in semiconductor production, providing high-precision measurement in water with conductivity values up to 2 µS/cm. Meanwhile, the instrument option for measurement in water with conductivity values closer to 10 µS/cm is perfectly-suited for deionized water in power plants. When multiple TOC measuring points are required, the 3-channel configuration allows for multiple streams to be run through one analyzer, which reduces capital expenditures.

Pharma-compliant CA79

The CA79 TOC analyzer meets or exceeds all requirements of the US and European Pharmacopoeias, enabling manufacturing activities in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Depending on the instrument configuration, online calibration and system suitability tests (SSTs) can be initiated with the press of a button, and these records are automatically stored onboard.

Regular SSTs ensure compliance with the pharmacopoeias’ regulations for TOC values. And with a compact, stainless-steel housing, the CA79 integrates seamlessly into ultrapure water installations, ideally situating it for use in applications subject to the stringent hygiene requirements of the life sciences industry.

Complete portfolio for multiple industries

With the introduction of the CA78 and CA79 analyzers for low-TOC measurement ranges, Endress+Hauser is rounding out its liquid analysis solutions for critical parameter measurement.

The CA78 supplements Memosens CLS15E contacting conductivity sensors, Liquiline System CA80SI silica analyzers, CA76NA sodium analyzers, and SWAS panels for reliable, low-maintenance solutions in a variety of sectors. The CA79 complements the Memosens CPS61E pH sensor, Memosens COS81E oxygen sensor, and Memosens CLS82E conductivity sensor for critical parameter measurement in pharmaceutical production environments.

These analyzers each store critical process, calibration, and sensor data locally, with transmission to a central process control and documentation hub, which is especially important in highly-regulated industries. This plethora of high-precision instruments provides end users with a complete portfolio of sensors, photometers, and TOC analyzers, and now all of these measurements can be monitored and managed at a single source.

For more information, view the CA78 and CA79 TOC analyzers on the web.

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