Product Focus: Flow and pressure management

May 4, 2021
New products from Emerson, FCI, and Proportion-Air.

flow measurement software

Emerson’s Rapid Adaptive Measurement software boosts process automation and the application of the Roxar 2600 Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) for the oil and gas industry. The software architecture enables the Roxar 2600 MPFM to do parallel computations at 10 Hz and autonomously select the optimal configuration for a particular time period. This leads to more automation in operational processes, reducing the need manual configuration changes. The embedded software supports operators with enhanced meter performance, increased robustness and confidence while enabling cost-efficient operations. The modularity of Rapid Adaptive Measurement allows for individual calculation modules to be improved and tested independently, and new modules can easily be plugged into the framework.

thermal flow switch

The sanitary FLT93C Flow Switch from Fluid Components International (FCI) features stainless steel wetted materials and standard 20Ra finish, and it supports both skid-mount and stationary CIP systems. The Flow Switch monitors the process cleaning solution’s minimum liquid flow rate to ensure it is maintained during the cleaning process runtime. Operating over a wide liquid flow range of 0.01 to 3.0 fps, the Flow Switch offers accuracy of ± 0.5% reading or ± 0.04 fps. The Flow Switch ensures set point accuracy for process temps up to ±100°F. It is suitable for 0.75 to 4-inch sanitary tubing process lines and connects with a secure tri-clamp fitting. The dual-function instrument indicates both flow and temperature and/or level sensing.


Proportion-Air’s hazardous location series adds four new FM-approved devices to meet the precision pneumatic pressure control needs of workers in environments where flammable gases, combustible dust or fibers and filings may be present. Two new intrinsically safe products offer higher accuracy and flow rates for hazardous locations. The ISQB3 controls pressures up to 150 psi and flows to 30 SCFM. The ISQB4 offers even more flow – up to 200 SCFM. The devices feature a booster design with no stamped gaskets, special molded diaphragms or seal parts. Two other new products are the ISQBX, which has ports built into the manifold instead of external fittings, and the ISQBF is a revision to the current ISF product.

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