Product Focus: Flow measurement and control

Aug. 10, 2021
New products from AW-Lake, Endress+Hauser, and Intek Inc.
gear meters

AW-Lake Process Flow Measurement’s Next-Generation Gear Meter Series offers greater efficiencies in operation with tighter tolerances, higher resolutions, higher standard pressure ratings (6000 psi), improved accuracy, wider turndowns (100:1) and a new low-viscosity series. Designed with high-performance materials, the Next-Generation Gear Meters offer high chemical resistance to operate safely in abrasive or filled fluids while providing a long service life of more than 30 years in the field, +0.1% repeatability and +0.5% standard accuracy. These positive displacement gear meters work in bidirectional flow applications and are unaffected by changing viscosities. The Gear Meters offer multiple output options including pulse, analog or Modbus to deliver data in required formats for PLCs, PCs and remote displays. PC-based applications streamline installation, configuration and troubleshooting.


Endress+Hauser introduces a new line of flowmeters, the Proline 10, with a stronger focus on simplicity and user-friendliness. Every device is tested on accredited and traceable calibration rigs per ISO/IEC 17025. Proline 10 flowmeters cover a range of basic applications. Proline Promag electromagnetic flowmeters are suited for measuring the flows of conductive liquids, as well as for volume measurement of water and corrosive liquids (Promag W/H/D 10), and chemically aggressive fluids (Promag P 10). Promass K 10 Coriolis flowmeters measure the mass flow of liquids and gases in utilities. In the chemical industry, Promass K 10 is used to measure the mass flow of liquids such as acids, alkalis, cleaning agents and solvents, oils and alcohols, as well as liquid hydrocarbons. In the food and beverage industry, the device measures the admixture quantity of animal fats or carbon dioxide during beverage carbonization.

low-flow controller

Intek Inc.’s Rheotherm Model 210 Low-Flow Controller is the newest addition in its line of flow instruments. The Low-Flow Controller consists of a standard Rheotherm Model 210 Flow Meter with an integrated proportional control valve. The Flow Controller can measure and control the flow rate of either liquids or gases inline by continuously adjusting the valve to maintain the measured flow to a user-determined set point. The flow rate set point is set either by adjusting an onboard potentiometer or via an external 0-5V analog input. The Low-Flow Controller utilizes the thermal mass principle for highly accurate and repeatable measurement of the fluid through an unobstructed flow path through the sensor. The instrument includes temperature compensation and accounts for pressure variations.

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