Magnetrol and APM Announce Partnership for Bulk Solids Measurement Technology

May 8, 2013

Magnetrol International, Inc. and APM Automation Solutions Ltd, have completed an agreement designating Magnetrol as a global private label distributor of APM’s bulk solids measurement technology.

Magnetrol International, Inc., a global leader in level and flow measurement instrumentation, and APM Automation Solutions Ltd, an Israel-based developer of 3D level measurement instruments, have completed an agreement designating Magnetrol as a global private label distributor of APM's bulk solids measurement technology.

The non-contact, dust penetrating bulk solids measurement technology will now be distributed around the globe through Magnetrol's international offices and distribution network. Through this partnership both companies said they aim to significantly advance the solids measurement market, according to an official announcement.

APM’s technology accurately measures volume of stored solid contents, by mapping multiple measurement points on the material surface and generating an accurate reading of the content.

"This exciting business partnership is a critical step in a changing industry that will no longer rely on simple level estimation,” APM CEO Ofir Perl said in the announcement. "With Magnetrol's global business reach, APM's patented volume measurement technology will now become the standard of industry for bulk solids measurements.”

Magnetrol’s CONTOUR product works with almost every solid and bulk powder material, such as coal, cement, sand, aggregates, fly ash, chemicals, fertilizers, food, grain, and plastic pellets. In addition to bins and silos, the system allows measuring in previously difficult-to-measure vessels or containers, such as bunkers, hoppers, pits, open bins, bulk storage rooms and warehouses.

”This agreement provides a unique strategic fit. APM is a company that has pioneered the application of low-frequency acoustic technology to provide a three-dimensional map and volumetric measurement of solid material in silos and open bins," John Heiser, vice president and COO of Magnetrol, said in the announcement. “This novel capability from APM overcomes the limitations associated with conventional technologies in solids level applications and has the potential to revolutionize the market.”

APM Automation Solutions Ltd. is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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