LANXESS digitizes asset base; FSA appoints to board; Emerson offers VR training simulation

March 12, 2020
LANXESS digitizes asset base; FSA appoints Hammarstrom to board; Emerson offers virtual reality training simulation.

LANXESS digitizes asset base

LANXESS, specialty chemicals company, has implemented a self-service analytics system for time-series data in many areas of its global plant fleet. Almost two-thirds of its roughly 120 plants were equipped with the self-service analysis platform TrendMiner from Software AG, including all major production sites in Germany, Belgium, the U.S. and India. With TrendMiner, production employees can autonomously analyze manufacturing processes and measurement data, detect patterns and trends in these data, and thus detect production irregularities. Typical applications include capacity increase, predictive maintenance, improvement of product quality or more efficient raw material and energy use.

FSA appoints Hammarstrom to board

The Fluid Sealing Association announced the appointment of Amy Hammarstrom to its board of directors. Hammarstrom is the vice president of General Rubber Corporation in Tucson, Arizona. Hammarstrom holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Arizona. She has been employed by General Rubber since 1999, where she oversees accounting/finance, purchasing, human resources, legal and compliance and distribution sales. Hammarstrom has been active in the FSA and its Expansion Joint division since 2009. She has served as chair of the FSA’s Program and Locations Committee since 2015 and has served on the Marketing Committee since 2013. General Rubber has been a member of the FSA since 1970.

Emerson offers virtual reality training simulation

Emerson announced Mimic Field 3D, an immersive training experience designed to help new and incoming workers gain a deep understanding of how changes in the field impact industrial plant processes. This virtual reality-based (VR) solution gives personnel simulated hands-on experience to prepare for any plant event, helping them make better decisions regarding operating changes and practice proper procedures before entering potentially hazardous plant areas.

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