FCI's Multipoint Flue Gas Flow Meter earns TÜV certification for AMS/QAL1 compliant continuous emissions monitoring

Oct. 19, 2021
The meter monitors and reports the flow rate and/or totalized flow of gases and mixed gas compositions emitted by industrial processes.

The MT100 Series Multipoint Mass Flow Meters from Fluid Components International (FCI) feature proven thermal dispersion flow sensing technology. This advanced, next-gen meter was designed specifically for flue gas flow monitoring in large stacks, ducts, chimneys and pipes. It accurately monitors and reports the flow rate and/or the totalized flow of all gases and mixed gas compositions, including hot, moist, aggressive and dirty flue gases emitted by industrial processes.

The repeatable and reliable MT100 Series Multipoint Mass Flow Meter is now TÜV-certified as AMS compliant with EN15267-3 with QAL1 and EN14181 (2015). Certification by TÜV, an independent and internationally recognized organization that approves numerous emissions monitoring equipment, including flue gas flow meters, assures FCI’s customers that this meter meets its specifications, complies with EU air pollution directives and is suitable for flow data reporting per these directives.

FCI’s MT100 Series Multipoint Flow Meters combine state-of-the-art electronics technology with application-proven precision flow sensors in a rugged package designed for the most demanding plant operating environments. They provide temperature-compensated direct mass flow measurement of flue gases for precise, repeatable measurement in large diameter stacks, rectangular ducts, chimneys and pipes, all with little to no routine maintenance or recalibration requirements. The QAL1 compliant version has on-demand or automated instrument self-checking with TÜV tested and certified test routines to analyze for sensor drift and authenticate transmitter operation and to generate reports for documentation required by local authorities.

FCI’s thermal mass MT100 Series Flue Gas Flow Meters are available with one to eight flow rate sensing points. Multiple sensors are inserted at various depths within a stack, duct, chimney or pipe, and their outputs are multiplexed and averaged to measure the flow rate and totalize flow within the process line.

The MT100 meter’s sensors can be installed either across a mast or can be inserted at multiple points around the process line in a single plane. In hot, dirty and/or moist or corrosive flue gases, it also excels because there are no moving parts, orifices or glass windows to foul or clog. The instrument can measure flue gas processes operating up to 454°C (850°F). The MT100 Series Flow Meters measure flow rates over a wide range from 0.07 to 305 NMPS (0.25 to 1000 SFPS) with 100:1 turndown and with excellent accuracy of ±1.75% of reading, ±0.5% of full scale.

The MT100’s transmitter is both full-featured and rugged. Its all stainless steel enclosure is NEMA4X/IP66 rated to ensure long service life in outdoor installations. Its electronics comes with an extensive choice of output options to interface with virtually any DCS, PLC, SCADA, or recorder. High resolution, 16 bit, dual 4-20 mA analog outputs with NAMUR 43 compliance, HART I/O and Modbus RS485 RTU/ASCII are all standard. Optionally available are Profibus-PA or Foundation Fieldbus communications.

Its large color touch-screen LCD readout provides comprehensive process information to users with both analog and digital displays of flow rate, temperature and totalized flow, a user time-base selectable strip-chart of flow rate and sensor status diagnostics.

MT100 Series electronics also include a user programmable data logger feature to which flow rate, temperature and totalized flow as well as fault codes can be recorded on a removable, 8GB microSD card.

All MT100 Meters have been independently tested and verified to meet and comply with IEC safety directives for EMC and LVD and carry the CE marking. Optionally available for process installations with hazardous, potentially explosive gases and/or dust, MT100 meters can be ordered with ATEX or IECEx or FM/FMc agency approvals for Division II/Zone 2.

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