Electromagnetic flowmeter

April 20, 2023
VorTek Instruments’ Pro-M Electromagnetic Flowmeter delivers accurate and reliable flow metering in a maintenance-free design.

(Longmont, CO — April 19, 2023) — VorTek Instruments has officially released the Pro-M Electromagnetic Flowmeter. Using Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, these meters offer accurate and reliable volumetric flow metering of a variety of conductive liquids. Unaffected by the temperature, pressure, density or viscosity of the liquid, these meters provide a level of measurement stability unmatched among flow metering technologies. The full-bore design does not create a pressure loss and has no moving parts for a maintenance-free design.

The Pro-M design incorporates an assortment of electrode and liner material options to provide application flexibility across industries. Meter sizes are offered for pipe sizes half an inch through 80 inches. For demanding applications, a high accuracy option of up to ±0.2% of rate meets the most stringent accuracy requirements.

Pro-M meters offer an array of communication and power options. In addition to providing traditional communication methods such as analog output signals, Pro-M meters also offer advanced communication options such as Modbus RTU and HART. With the addition of external temperature inputs, these meters can provide a reliable thermal energy (BTU) measurement.