Case Study: Chemical metering pump adds precision dosing

Oct. 6, 2020
A manufacturing facility installs a metering pump to improve accuracy and solve downtime and hose blowout problems in its dielectric grease process.

Progressive cavity pumps are suitable for a spectrum of applications. The D range of pumps from SEEPEX is known for metering precise, consistent quantities of media with no pulsation. The D range of pumps can also be paired with control systems programmed to operate the pump at various speeds depending on programmed parameters. With this pairing, precision dosing can be achieved, resulting in media cost savings and efficiencies. The following is an example of how a SEEPEX MD pump improved a manufacturing facility’s process.


A manufacturing facility in the greater New England area produces capacitors of various sizes on the same line. Due to the variable size of the capacitor being built, different amounts of dielectric grease are required during the manufacturing process.

The challenges

The facility was using an injection method for adding grease to the capacitors; 125 pounds of pressurized air would force the grease through a hose until a guillotine shutoff mechanism at the end would be activated to stop the flow. This method would result in inaccurate and inconsistent amounts of grease being used, as well as the hose periodically blowing out due to the large amount of pressure. The hose would blow out three times in a shift and would require 20 minutes of maintenance time for each repair. One hour of production was being lost every day due to this issue.

The solution

The facility was looking to improve this process and connected with John Gezzer, president of Diversified Pump. He recommended a SEEPEX pump due to its precision, low pressure requirement and ability to handle viscous and abrasive media.


Since the installation of the SEEPEX MD pump, the manufacturing facility has achieved numerous benefits. The benefit immediately achieved was the reduction in maintenance and downtime. No longer are they halting production three times a day to repair a blown hose. This has also resulted in an increase in safety because every time the hose would blow off the system, grease would spray everywhere.

Savings are also achieved by a reduction in the amount of dielectric grease required. They are now able to program the control panel to operate the pump according to the size of the capacitor being manufactured and correlating amount of grease needed. For small capacitors requiring a minimal amount of grease, the pump can be programmed to rotate 1/10 of a full rotation.

When larger capacitors are in the production line, the pump is programmed for three rotations, allowing the correct amount of grease to be used. This programmable accuracy and precision have resulted in tremendous efficiencies.

The SEEPEX MD pump has been installed at this manufacturing facility since 2005. The operator is continually impressed with the accuracy and low maintenance. The only maintenance that has been required is changing out the stator periodically due to the dielectric grease containing highly abrasive silicon carbide powder.

Adrienne Kreighbaum is the senior marketing communications specialist for SEEPEX Inc. For more information, go to

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