Emerging Opportunities for Safer Ammonia Sampling

Aug. 8, 2023
Swagelok's Matt Dixon explains what you need to know to make ammonia sampling as safe and efficient as possible. Now available on demand!

Originally Broadcast on June 1, 2023. Now Available On-Demand.

Sponsor: Swagelok

Duration: 1 Hour

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Ammonia is commonly used by chemical plants and refineries in the production of fertilizers, plastics, textiles, petroleum, and more. To avoid severe stress corrosion cracking in storage tanks and product quality concerns, anhydrous ammonia is sampled to verify a water content of 0.2% to 0.5%. There are many challenges with manual ammonia sampling methods, however:  

  • Operators must wear full PPE to avoid being potentially exposed to dangerous ammonia liquid/vapors   
  • Sampling results depend on the skills and judgment of the operator, and variances in the rate of evaporation can also cause inaccuracies  
  • Evaporation also takes a significant amount of time—it can take eight or more hours before samples can be measured    

The good news? New technology and techniques are revolutionizing the ammonia sampling process. Join us as Matt Dixon, application commercialization manager at Swagelok, explains what you need to know to make ammonia sampling as safe and efficient as possible. 


Matt Dixon | Application Commercialization Manager | Swagelok  

Matt Dixon began his career with Swagelok in 1998 as an engineering co-op student. Over the first six years of his Swagelok career, he worked as an assembly, welding, and manufacturing engineer. He supported the production of high-volume fittings and various hose product lines, designing and building assembly and test equipment. In 2004, Matt joined the Custom Solutions team at Swagelok. His past hands-on experience with Swagelok products has enabled him to grow in this role into a leading integration and application expert within the Swagelok organization. Matt has extensive experience in sampling systems, including developing the grab sample module (GSM) and grab sample liquid (GSL) product lines and developing Swagelok's ammonia sampling system. 

Moderator: Jesse Osborne | Chief Editor | Processing, P.I. Process Instrumentation , Water Technology  

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