Flow Control Adds 2 Editorial Board Members

Jan. 29, 2009

Flow Control magazine added two new members to its Editorial Advisory Board in the January print issue — Robert M. Donnelly, President, Compact Inc. (www.compact4.com), and Jerry Kurz, Ph.D.,

Flow Control magazine added two new members to its Editorial Advisory Board in the January print issue — Robert M. Donnelly, President, Compact Inc. (www.compact4.com), and Jerry Kurz, Ph.D., Founder, Kurz Instruments Inc. (www.kurz-instruments.com). Both Bob and Jerry bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the Flow Control Editorial Advisory Board, and we very much look forward to working with them to make Flow Control a more valuable resource for you, the fluid handling professional. Here we provide short biographies on Bob and Jerry to give you a feel for their experience with fluid handling applications.
Robert M. Donnelly has been involved in the process control industry for over 25 years. He pioneered the concept of valve automation as president of El-O-Matic North America and established El-O-Matic as a market leader in quarter-turn valve automation. El-O-Matic was subsequently acquired by Emerson Flow Control, where it became part of Emerson’s global operations. Mr. Donnelly went on to work with a variety of other technological entrepreneurs in the process control segment before signing on as president of Compact Inc., where he has helped bring to market an innovative mechanism that is designed to extend the life of automated valves. Mr. Donnelly has also authored numerous articles for respected industrial trade publications and management journals and has spoken at a variety of conferences for industry. Mr. Donnelly can be reached at [email protected].
Jerry Kurz, Ph.D., earned his masters and doctoral degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, with a bachelor’s degree, also in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Wisconsin. His main areas of technical interest are fluid mechanics, heat transfer, high temperature gas dynamics, air pollution, solar energy and magnetohydrodynamics. During his time at Stanford, Dr. Kurz received a scholarship from Hughes Aircraft. After obtaining his Ph.D., Dr. Kurz worked at Chrysler Aerospace in Huntsville, Ala., on magnetohydrodynamic generators. At Thermal Systems Inc. (TSI) in St. Paul, Minn., he developed an ion drift mass flowmeter and thermal convection mass flow sensors. He later worked for Hart-Carter Company in Minneapolis on dust control R&D before starting his own company, Kurz Instruments, in 1977. The first products developed by Dr. Kurz were portable air velocity meters and hi-volume air sampler accessories, such as constant flow controllers. He later developed single-point mass flow transmitters, in-line thermal mass flowmeters, flow control valves, isokinetic samplers, multi-point mass flow transmitters, flow monitors, flare gas meters and advanced mass thermal flowmeters for a variety of applications. Dr. Kurz’s philosophy, as he states it, is one that "listens to the customer’s needs and solves their problems by using advanced technology, better ideas, and excellent service." Dr. Kurz can be reached at [email protected]. Flow Control magazine continues to solicit nominations for new Editorial Advisory Board members. Requirements for Editorial Advisory Board members are twofold: 1. We ask all EAB members to participate in a one-on-one phone/in-person conference on a semi-annual basis to discuss the editorial direction of Flow Control magazine. 2. We ask all EAB members to, at least once per calendar year, contribute to Flow Control an exclusive feature article. To nominate yourself or one of your colleagues for the Flow Control EAB, please contact me directly at the below e-mail or 610.828.1711.
— Matt Migliore, Editor
[email protected]

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