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At AW-Lake Company, we constantly strive to produce the highest quality flow measurement instrumentation for our customers, from the smallest flow meter order to the most comprehensive OEM flow meter solutions customized for specific applications. Our dedication to exceeding customer expectations is evident throughout our organization. We are part of a Global Network of world-class flow meter manufacturers, producing a wide variety of flow meter technologies, flow electronics, and wireless networks.

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Portable ultrasonic flow meter

July 13, 2022
The new portable ultrasonic meter was designed to be deployed easily to measure flow on demand, without difficult installations or process interruptions.
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Product Focus: Turbine flowmeter

March 1, 2022
AW-Lake Company’s TRP Pelton Wheel High Temp Turbine Flow Meter is specifically designed to monitor and control the cooling and process efficiency of high and ultra-high temperature...
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Product Focus: Water Inline (WIN) Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Dec. 7, 2021
Designed for process cooling applications including industrial cooling circuits, the WIN Ultrasonic Flow Meter has no moving parts for long-term reliability and low maintenance...
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Case Study: Flowmeters improve grease separation and recovery for food processor

Nov. 12, 2021
To improve the accuracy of the separation process, the food company replaced level detection units with Coriolis flowmeters.
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Flow Measurement

Case Study: Milk production monitoring at a dairy farm

Aug. 31, 2021
This flowmeter application involves measuring the total amount of dairy farm milk being produced and stored in tanks.
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Flow Measurement

Product Focus: Flow measurement and control

Aug. 10, 2021
New products from AW-Lake, Endress+Hauser, and Intek Inc.
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Flow Measurement

Case Study: Processor utilizes Coriolis mass flowmeters

Feb. 8, 2021
AW-Lake designed an automated sugar monitoring system consisting of a Coriolis mass flowmeter and transmitter with a display that calculates sugar concentrations during production...
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Flow Measurement

Product Focus: Flow Measurement/Flowmeters

Nov. 3, 2020
New products from Emerson, Fluid Components International, KROHNE, and AW-Lake.

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Flow Measurement

Industry Brief: AW-Lake's Mark Iverson discusses the company's flow measurement solutions

Aug. 16, 2021
Company general manager highlights AW-Lake's newest product offerings and discusses other products on the way this year in this Industry Brief video.