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Figure 1. Control valves on batch reactors in food and beverage operations are often used to control temperature. All graphics courtesy of Emerson Automation Solutions
Food & Beverage

Selecting valves for food and beverage applications

Sept. 3, 2018
Control of fluid flows and temperatures in food and beverage plants presents many challenges, most of which can be addressed with control valves.
Alltech’s cypress wood tanks hold fermented whiskey wash that is about 8 percent alcohol. From the tanks, the wash moves to the wash still in which it is heated, vaporized and condensed to become 23 percent alcohol. All graphics courtesy of Flottweg Separation Technology
Food & Beverage

Separation technology saves brewery time, money and headaches

Aug. 20, 2018
With a centrifuge system, a Kentucky brewery was able to achieve more throughput by not allowing the brew to settle in fermenters.
Pressure instruments in the food and beverage industry are subject to drift from condensation and temperature. All graphics courtesy of Endress+Hauser
Pressure Measurement

Developments solve sensor problems in food and beverage industry

Aug. 6, 2018
Pressure sensors subject to CIP/SIP processes can suffer from condensation and drift. Recent advancements cure these problems.
Inside a mash tun while making whisky. MartinM303/iStock
Food & Beverage

How will the food and beverage industry grow in 2018?

Feb. 22, 2018
Companies will likely benefit from more effective maintenance programs, less downtime, greater insights for actionable data and more.