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  • January/February 2022
  • January/February 2022

    Photo 197001473 © Ognyan Chobanov | Dreamstime.com
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    Quiz Corner: Coriolis mass flowmeter orientation for vapor applications, part 3

    Feb. 14, 2022
    Which of the following orientations can be used to install a Coriolis mass flowmeter to measure the mass flow of a condensable vapor in a vertical pipe flowing down?
    Courtesy of FCI
    Figure 1: Brew house natural gas fermentation tank heating.

    Helping breweries cut natural gas costs and waste gas emissions

    Feb. 11, 2022
    Achieving heating process efficiency improvements cannot occur without more accurate, reliable flowmeters to control the burn.
    Photo 112844760 © Traimak Ivan | Dreamstime.com
    Pressure measurement is a key indicator in the types of batch processes found in drug manufacturing and bioprocess applications.

    How to ensure reliable pressure transmitter measurement in pharmaceutical applications

    Feb. 3, 2022
    Advanced hygienic pressure transmitters can reduce downtime and operating costs thanks to long-term stability that requires fewer calibrations.
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    Application Corner: Inaccurate flow measurement system causes overbilling

    Feb. 1, 2022
    The flow measurement system tended to measure higher than the actual sewage flow rate, which exacerbated the overbilling.
    Courtesy of TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory
    Figure 1: Many industries are interested in real-time uncertainty analysis.

    The growing importance of live uncertainty calculations to help achieve accurate measurement

    Jan. 28, 2022
    The oil, gas and chemical industries are showing a growing interest in real-time uncertainty analysis to help achieve more accurate measurement, including flow and energy balances...

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    Courtesy of Sierra Instruments
    Figure 1: Flowmeters help engineers “tune” boilers to maintain the optimal efficiency, which minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

    Understanding flow measurement for emissions monitoring

    Jan. 25, 2022
    Compliance with EPA regulations for boilers and process heaters results in efficient operation and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Understanding flow measurement technology can...
    Courtesy of Fluke Corporation
    Figure 1: Fluke DPCTrack2 Calibration Management Software organizes instrument calibrations while completely complementing the calibrators.
    Instrumentation & Measurement

    The importance of calibration software in process instrumentation

    Jan. 18, 2022
    Calibration software has a breadth of functionality to ensure every aspect of your calibration needs are tracked and managed in one location.
    Two 20-foot tanks located inside the tortilla products processing facility hold supplies of virgin and wasted cooking oil.

    Case Study: Wireless tank level monitoring of cooking oil in storage tanks

    Jan. 14, 2022
    A SignalFire Remote Sensing System configured with a Pressure Scout offers a wireless solution that automates the tank level monitoring process.