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  • November/December 2022
  • November/December 2022

    Courtesy of Equilibar
    For many pharmaceutical processes, traditional valves and regulators continue to offer robust fluid control for a variety of applications. As processes evolve to meet the needs of manufacturing new life-saving products, however, dome-loaded multi-orifice technology can often provide solutions that were previously not possible.
    Instrumentation & Measurement

    Fluid control for demanding pharmaceutical applications

    Nov. 2, 2022
    Modern pharmaceutical processes benefit from fluid control devices that easily control a diverse range of flow rates, have high precision and respond in milliseconds to manage...
    Quiz Image
    Instrumentation & Measurement

    Quiz Corner: Orifice plate flowmeter transmitter calibration

    Nov. 1, 2022
    Do you have the right answer? Test your knowledge with the latest installment of Quiz Corner.
    Photo 25749540 © Aneb | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime Xxl 25749540

    Application Corner: The verdict is in

    Nov. 1, 2022
    A ruling is made in connection with sewage collection systems for two adjacent sewage districts where the flow measurements used to allocate expenses and bill one of the sewage...
    Courtesy of Fluke
    The Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator with HART connects directly to DPCTrack2 Calibration Management Software to save calibration results as you are working.
    Instrumentation & Measurement

    Digitizing documentation in calibration to remove human error in highly critical process environments

    Oct. 26, 2022
    How do you keep all of your calibrations organized and on time? By digitizing the process and using calibration management software as part of your calibration steps.