Seeq to showcase work with AWS at CERAWeek

March 8, 2022
Seeq helps customers reduce carbon intensity and increase productivity as a launch partner for the AWS Emissions Monitoring and Surveillance Solution and Flare Monitoring and Optimization Solution.

SEATTLE — March 8, 2022 (Seeq release) — Seeq Corporation, a leader in manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things advanced analytics software, announced that it is a launch partner for Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) Emissions Monitoring and Surveillance Solution and Flare Monitoring and Optimization Solution at CERAWeek 2022, an energy conference held in Houston, Texas from March 7-11.

Seeq is also speaking and exhibiting at the event. The AWS Emissions Monitoring and Surveillance Solution automates integration of methane emissions data sources from disparate third-party sources into tools and workflows to prioritize repairs, analyze operations and lower emissions. The AWS Flare Monitoring and Optimization Solution helps customers accelerate deployment of architecture to measure venting and flaring volumes, pilot status and combustion efficiency, as well as enable flare optimization models and workflows. Seeq will be demonstrating its emissions monitoring and reporting use cases in the AWS Agora House, located within the Innovation Agora, the conference’s open marketplace for conversations and presentations on energy innovation, emerging technologies, and solutions. Additionally, Seeq’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Lisa Graham, will join fellow industry leaders at CERAWeek in the Innovation Agora to discuss how digitalization is driving sustainability in the energy sector.

  • Accelerating Insights and Impact for Sustainability with Industrial Analytics: On March 8th at 9:00 a.m., Dr. Graham will discuss how digitalization — including industrial data analytics — empowers manufacturers to leverage existing assets to achieve measurable progress toward environmental key performance indicators in Agora Pod #5. Her presentation will highlight Seeq’s use cases for predictive energy modeling and greenhouse gas emissions reporting.
  • New generation data analytics tools for emission reduction in oil and gas: On March 9th at 1:00 p.m., Dr. Graham will participate in a Carbon Management Hub panel discussion on the need for improved analytics capabilities to ensure the success of emissions reduction projects in oil and gas.

“The energy sector recognizes that it has a moral, social, and economic obligation to address sustainability issues as a top corporate objective, but many organizations still struggle with determining the best approach to address concerns,” said Dr. Lisa Graham, Chief Executive Officer at Seeq. “As part of a larger digitalization effort, organizations can use advanced analytics applications to enable greater insight into environmental performance and engage employees at all levels to directly and positively impact their environmental footprints.”

Seeq customers include companies in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage and other process industries. To learn more about Seeq, visit

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