KROHNE to showcase range of measurement products at the API Conference

Sept. 29, 2022
Solutions include new flow computer as well as Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeters

(Beverly, MA — KROHNE Release) — KROHNE, Inc. will showcase a wide range of its industry-leading measurement products, including the OPTIMASS 2000, OPTIMASS 6000, ALTOSONIC 5 products, Summit 8800, and the leak detection system PipePatrol, at the API Conference. The 2022 API Fall Committee on Petroleum Measurement Standards Meeting (COPM) will be held October 10-14, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. KROHNE representatives will be available at the booth to discuss technology, products and applications in detail.

The OPTIMASS 2000 is a Coriolis mass flow sensor to be featured. The large diameter mass flowmeter is ideal for bulk measurement of petroleum and oil, as well as syrup, molasses and raw chemicals. The meter has been approved for custody transfer of liquids and gases. Also on display will be the OPTIMASS 6000, a Coriolis mass flow sensor from KROHNE. Combined with the MFC 400 signal converter it forms the OPTIMASS 6400 high performance Coriolis mass flowmeter for all process applications including cryogenic or high temperature media as well as high pressure fluids.

KROHNE’s ALTOSONIC 5 is a multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer (CT) measurement in upstream and midstream applications of the oil and gas industry. The high accuracy meter is suitable for measuring all types of crudes in transportation, processing, loading or offloading applications as well as all types of refined products or chemicals. Due to its unique paths configuration, the ALTOSONIC 5 is suitable for all flow regimes without Reynolds number limitations. In addition, a vertically mounted transducer pair detects gas on top of the liquid.

The SUMMIT 8800 from KROHNE is a flow computer with M.C. approval for gas flow measurement. It unites custody transfer, fiscal and allocation metering within a single flow computer. Exceeding expectations, the SUMMIT 8800 achieves optimization at all levels, enhancing communication options, speed of access, calculation, and operation. The computer’s high security features also protect end user data, making the product adaptable and scalable to meet the strictest Measurement Canada requirements.

KROHNE’s PipePatrol Health Check program is a vendor-agnostic auditing and consultancy program based on over thirty-five years of experience in leak detection on over 420 pipeline projects. The program provides a complete pipeline leak detection audit, giving visibility to the health and effectiveness of the leak detection system and insight into customer’s readiness to fully respond to alarms.

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