Multi-product calibrator

Feb. 15, 2023
The Fluke 5560A defines a new class of multi-product electrical calibrators with a host of new technologies to meet the demands of modern calibration labs

EVERETT, Washington (Fluke release) — Calibration technicians are facing increasing workloads with devices that require even more accuracy. The new Fluke Calibration 5560A Multi-Product Calibrator meets the demands of modern workloads by enabling technicians to calibrate more devices with a single calibrator and at a greater accuracy — up to 6.5 digits — than ever before. The 5560A, along with the new 5550A and 5540A calibrators, defines an entirely new class of multi-product electrical calibrator that provides the broadest electrical workload coverage.

“A recent study conducted by Fluke documented what we have been hearing from our customers: calibration technicians have heavier workloads than ever before and often with new types of technologies,” said Bill Gaviria, product program manager, electrical/RF for Fluke Calibration. “The 5560A Multi-Product Calibrator helps meet the challenges of modern calibration workloads with improved performance, a more intuitive interface, and the highest accuracy in its class.”

The 5560A features a new 17.8 centimeter (7-inch) graphical user interface with intuitive menus that are easy to navigate and read. The new interface provides access to common functions with the touch of a finger, eliminating menu scrolling. The screen displays all the information technicians need for each parameter being calibrated with color-coded fields that make it easy to see where to enter data.

Other technology innovations and performance improvements include:

  • 30 A Class D transconductance amplifier — the 5560A, 5550A and 5540A include 30 A continuous current output with no duty cycle. Continuous current output reduces wait time during heavy usage because the amplifier does not overheat.
  • Visual Connection Management™ connection terminals — output terminals light up to show which terminals are active, guiding the user to make the correct connections — green for voltage and blue for current — making it even easier to match the right connection to the measurement being made.
  • New output block design — the output terminals have been re-mapped to match the terminals’ layout on standard digital multimeters, making it possible to calibrate this type of workload with minimal lead changes. Technicians can also stack connectors when testing meters if they want to conduct 4-wire ohms measurements.
  • 1000 V direct amplifier — the amplifier reduces the use of transformers to generate high AC voltages to reduce the size and weight of the calibrator, making on-site calibration easier.
  • Improved thermocouple input/output mechanical/thermal design — reduces settling time to improve productivity and reliability because it takes less time for friction heat to dissipate after making the connection. Additionally, the new design lets technicians measure a wide variety of thermocouples, whether they have a large or small connector — or even just bare wires.

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About Fluke Calibration

Fluke Corporation is a leader in precision calibration instrumentation and software for electrical, temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, and RF measurements. Fluke Calibration products from Fluke Corporation are found in calibration facilities around the world, including National Metrology Institutes, that demand the highest levels of performance and reliability, backed by state-of-the-art metrology and uncompromising support. They are relied on by quality engineers, calibration technicians, and metrologists to instill confidence in the measurements that are critical to their organizations for quality, safety, reliability, and cost. 

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