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June 14, 2023
Ultrasonic and radar level sensors manufacturer ABM Sensor Technology has introduced a remote monitoring platform for level and distance measurement applications.

Peterborough, ON Canada, June 13, 2023 (ABM Sensor Technology release)  Ultrasonic and radar level sensors manufacturer ABM Sensor Technology has introduced a remote monitoring platform for level and distance measurement applications.

The platform brings together cellular level sensors and devices, web-based software and a virtual support service, designed to offer users a complete end-to-end solution for remote level monitoring.

The company's aim when developing the platform was to enhance user experience. The virtual support aspect is a key differentiator of ABM’s remote monitoring platform. Around the clock, users gain peace of mind with an ABM technician virtually connected to their level sensors.

From installation, experienced technicians provide virtual set-up support to optimally configure the sensors parameters to the environment. On-going 24/7 monitoring enables technicians to proactively manage changing process conditions such as obstructions or material build-up and apply custom filters to improve the sensor's performance, ensuring users get the highest level of accuracy and reliability in their level data. Virtual monitoring also enables technicians to readily respond to unexpected issues, minimizing sensor downtime.

To complete the platform, ABM offers level sensors and gateway devices that connect via cellular networks to secure ABM servers — transmitting level data, alarms, high/low alerts, battery status and more. From a computer, tablet or smart phone users can access the web-based ABM Sensor Access portal and have all information readily available at their fingertips. API services are also available for automatic data push and/or pull abilities.

For current users, the platform has proven invaluable in the field, helping to reduce maintenance, eliminate manual readings, climbing on tanks and reduce travel to remote sites all of which has saved critical manpower resources and significant costs. The real-time insights available remotely have helped users to optimize operations, minimize downtime and maximize profits.

Download the ABM Remote Level Monitoring Brochure or visit to learn more.

About ABM Sensor Technology

ABM Sensor Technology researches, designs, and manufactures level sensors and transmitters based on ultrasonic and radar technologies. Our non-contact sensors automatically adjust to a wide range of environmental conditions without user intervention, providing accurate and reliable level / distance measurement for many applications.

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