Level switch

May 2, 2024
KROHNE’s measuring instrument enhances projects in the pharmaceutical industry.
Courtesy of KROHNE

Beverly, MA (May 1, 2024; KROHNE release) — KROHNE, Inc. highlights the OPTISWITCH 6700, a capacitance level switch for hygienic and general industrial applications requiring IO-Link communication in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is one of KROHNE’s many leading measuring instruments offering accurate, cost-effective, and reliable results. It detects high or low level and is therefore ideally suited for overfill and empty tank prevention or for dry-run protection of pumps. The device is also designed for the detection of liquid-liquid interfaces or change of media characteristics.

KROHNE’s OPTISWITCH 6700 can monitor CIP and SIP cleaning processes. The product offers level detection of liquids, pastes and solids, dry-run protection and media separation. It also provides interface detection, media differentiation, moisture determination and detection of clogged or blocked pipes.

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