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Equilibar fluid and pressure control products deliver reliable performance for some of the world’s most complex process conditions.


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Since 2007, Equilibar has provided innovative pressure control technology for the most challenging applications in the world. Our dome-loaded, multiple orifice valves and regulators have become known as the gold standard for precision. Our team’s agile approach succeeds where more conventional companies have failed, and our responsiveness is second to none.

Equilibar is proud to design, manufacture and test our patented back pressure regulators and vacuum regulators in the USA. We are equally proud to partner with distributors, systems integrators and clients throughout the world.

In addition to our signature technology, Equilibar offers a large selection of electronic regulators, pressure-reducing regulators, specialty valves and regulators, and other pressure control products to provide the optimal solution for the most complex scenario. Each application is reviewed by one of our experienced engineers and each regulator is hand assembled and tested to specific parameters.

Equilibar has a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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Equilibar launches single use technology division

Nov. 15, 2022
Equilibar announces the launch of a new Single Use Technology Division to meet the fast-evolving fluid control needs of the pharmaceutical industry.
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For many pharmaceutical processes, traditional valves and regulators continue to offer robust fluid control for a variety of applications. As processes evolve to meet the needs of manufacturing new life-saving products, however, dome-loaded multi-orifice technology can often provide solutions that were previously not possible.
Instrumentation & Measurement

Fluid control for demanding pharmaceutical applications

Nov. 2, 2022
Modern pharmaceutical processes benefit from fluid control devices that easily control a diverse range of flow rates, have high precision and respond in milliseconds to manage...
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Instrumentation & Measurement

High pressure electronic controller

May 11, 2022
Equilibar announces the launch of the HP-ERC High Pressure Electronic Controller to provide automated pilot control of dome-loaded direct sealing back pressure regulators for ...
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Figure 1: High throughput catalytic pilot plant.
Level Measurement

Case Study: Level control for a high throughput catalytic pilot plant

Sept. 14, 2021
Switching to a dome-loaded direct-sealing back pressure regulator to perform level control provided improved performance in a pilot plant for hydroprocessing catalyst research...
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Figure 1. Interaction between pressure control and flow control delivers process control solutions to innovative research and industrial applications.
Instrumentation & Measurement

Beyond the classroom: An expanded view of flow control

Nov. 10, 2020
The interaction between flow control and pressure control can create new process methods for industrial applications.
Courtesy of Intermountain Electronics
Figure 1. In this water injection skid with multiple flow control systems for dosing freshwater at the base of oil wells in the Bakken Basin of North Dakota, the lower row of components are stainless steel direct-sealing diaphragm valves.
Valves & Actuators

Case Study: New flow control valve addresses demanding oil well injection application

June 24, 2020
A direct-sealing diaphragm valve offers advantages for applications that require wider Cv range, higher precision and multiphase fluid control.
Courtesy of Equilibar
The RV22 back pressure regulator from Equilibar provides extremely precise fluid control for the SuppleVent ventilator, which received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA on June 8, 2020.
COVID-19 News & Resources

Ventilator using Equilibar technology receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization

June 16, 2020
Equilibar announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted Emergency Use Authorization for the BioMedInnovations SuppleVent, a ventilator system that utilizes ...
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Building In Sunlight
COVID-19 News & Resources

Equilibar focusing on efforts to increase access to ventilator component parts

April 6, 2020
Equilibar has begun focusing its research and development efforts on modifying the design of its back pressure regulators to enable them to serve as building blocks for medical...