2005 Innovation Awards

Sept. 26, 2010

And the Nominees Are …

Product Name: FSM Electromagnetic FlowmeterRelease Date: April 2004Company Name: ABBwww.abb.com

Notebook:: The FSM4000 is an electromagnetic flowmeter that employs advanced digital signal processors, enabling better accuracy than typically pulsed DC electromagnetic flowmeters. The meter is well suited for pulp & paper and mining applications with high solid content, low conductivity, pulsating flows, and/or noisy process conditions. Featuring AC magnetic field excitation and digital signal processing, the FSM4000 magmeter delivers accuracy of +/- 0.5 percent of rate, which is unique for a system with such a fast response time. With its AC excitation, the FSM4000 measures 100 percent of the useful signal, leaving no measurement signal unprocessed. The FSM4000 also employs a diagnostic coil to actively adjust the zero and eliminate any line noise. This innovative signal gain provides more information for processing and a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Customer Reference: P.H. Glatfelter Co. of Spring Grove, Pa. is the North American leader in the manufacture of publishing papers and one of the world leaders in tea bag papers. The FSM4000 is measuring on the company”s basis weight line in series with a dual frequency DC meter. The dual frequency meter is operating at a 15 percent variation with 32 seconds of dampening. The FSM4000 is operating with only 1 percent variation at three seconds of dampening. This tighter variation allows Glatfelter to have tighter control of their process, enabling a significant savings in pulp stock.

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Product Name: Battery Powered Wireless Data Transmission SystemRelease Date: January 2005Company Name: Adalet Wirelesswww.adaletwireless.com

Notebook:: The Adalet wireless data transmission System is designed for measuring temperature and pressure. The system is explosion proof and can measure and transmit four to 20 mA, temperature, and pressure signals from a Division 1 area to a safe area, eliminating the need for conduit and cable runs in hazardous locations. With the unit, users can collect data, monitor sensors, and perform process control without hard wiring. Adalet estimates the system will decrease labor and materials costs by 50 percent for hazardous applications. The system is available in a Division 1 or NEMA 4X enclosure. A receiver unit is also included. It can be installed in any of Adalet”s cast aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless steel enclosures.

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Product Name: DryCal ML-800Release Date: September 2004Company Name: Bios Internationalwww.drycal.com

Notebook:: The DryCal ML-800 delivers national laboratory-level primary precision in a package that”s portable and simple to use. According to Bios International, the ML-800 is the most accurate primary gas flow measurement device on the commercial market, as noted by the product”s ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation – which is the highest of any commercial lab – as well as technical white papers and inter-laboratory comparisons with NIST and other national and private labs in the United States and abroad. The key to the ML-800 is that it guarantees primary measurement that”s so precise it exposes weaknesses in flow control systems and industrial processes, enabling adjustments to increase product yield and minimize waste. Standard accuracy is +/-0.15 percent.

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Product Name: ABS Acoustic Bubble SpectrometerRelease Date: January 2004Company Name: Dynaflowwww.dynaflow-inc.com

Notebook:: The ABS acoustic bubble spectrometer uses acoustic waves to determine numbers and sizes of microbubbles. The system is nonintrusive and requires no optical transparency. It is compact and easy to set up. It supports a variety of configurations and provides near real-time measurement of bubble size distribution. It can be used with any measuring volume.

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Product Name: 3051S Ultra for Flow FlowmeterRelease Date: January 2004Company Name: Emerson Process Management, Rosemountwww.rosemount.com

Notebook:: The Rosemount 3051S Ultra for Flow takes a unique approach in the design and manufacture of transmitters to optimize performance over wide flow turndowns. Performance with 3051S Ultra for Flow is specified as a percent of reading, versus the traditional percent of span used by virtually every other DP Flow transmitter. As a result, the device can support up to 14-to-1 flow turndown with better than a 0.5 percent accuracy. Traditionally, orifice-based flowmeters have only been able to maintain accuracy over a much smaller 3-to-1 operating window. The SuperModule, the foundation of the 3051S transmitter, is designed with enhanced functionality that supports scalable performance. The hermetic, all-welded stainless steel housing allows the device to be used in the harshest environments. Coplanar process isolators allow the sensor to float freely, eliminating the effects of installation-induced errors. With the 3051S, each transmitter is manufactured according to the performance requirements of its future application. The device eliminates the need to stack transmitters for flow applications, resulting in better performance and lower installation costs.

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Product Name: PROline Promass F 10-Inch SensorRelease Date: November 2004Company Name: Endress+Hauserwww.us.endress.com

Notebook:: The PROline Promass F 10-inch sensor is a Coriolis system designed to provide direct flow measurement in applications where other types of instruments have traditionally been used. PROline Promass F can be used in place of turbine meters, differential pressure meters, or multipath ultrasonic meters. Traditionally, Coriolis meters with 10-inch sensors have been extremely large and heavy, as well as difficult and expensive to install. PROline Promass 83 F is smaller (approximately 72.3 inches in length (150# flanges)) and weighs approximately 882 lbs, which is roughly 40 percent less than competitive Coriolis meters. Accuracy is +/- 0.1 percent of mass flow; +/- 0.005 g/cc density (field calibration). Fluid temperature range is -58 F to 392 F, and ambient temperature is -4 F to 140 F. The meter is a fully welded stainless steel design, available in six-inch, eight-inch, or 12-inch process connections.

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Product Name: TransPort PT878GC Gas FlowmeterRelease Date: April 2004Company Name: GE Infrastructure Sensingwww.gesensing.com

Notebook:: The TransPort PT878GC is a clamp-on, portable ultrasonic flowmeter designed for gas applications. The technology has been used successfully in hundreds of clamp-on gas flow applications since it”s introduction. Several customers customized their own carts and Pelican-type cases with 24 VDC batteries in order to be able to use the meter in remote locations in a semi-portable fashion. The PT878GC provides a kitted system designed for portable clamp-on gas measurement applications. The electronics platform is completely portable, battery-operated, and provides data-logging capability so that user”s can perform flow survey work. A variety of clamping fixtures are available, supporting pipe sizes from 3/4″ to 24 inches.

Customer Reference: “I was impressed at how quickly they could set the meter up and get reliable readings. We compared a PT878GC to a natural gas custody-transfer meter and tracked within 2 percent for two hours.” – Brad Dixon, KinderMorgan

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Product Name: 2551 Magmeter Flow SensorRelease Date: January 2005Company Name: George Fischer Signet www.gfsignet.com

Notebook:: The Signet 2551 Magmeter is an insertion magmeter with three outputs (frequency, digital (S3L), or 4 to 20 mA). In addition, when the unit is in the 4 to 20 mA operation mode, it is able to measure bidirectional flow. Unlike paddlewheel flow sensors, the 2551 Magmeter works on the principle of Faraday”s Law of Electromagnetic Induction, which asserts that when a conductive fluid flows through a magnetic field, a voltage is produced that is proportional to the fluid”s velocity. This ensures a higher level of linearity than other flow sensors, including vortex sensors. Also, the 2551 features no rotors or spinning turbines to wear out and no ports to get clogged by particles in the passing medium. The device can be easily and inexpensively installed using any one of the existing Signet installation fittings.

Customer References: “We have used eight Signet magmeters in our pump test systems and they”ve all performed well. They were placed at four pump stations, each utilizing two magmeters, and we were pleased with less than a 5 percent standard deviation.” – Rick Simonich, EMS Solutions

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Product Name: Grundfos SensorRelease Date: January 2005Company Name: Grundfos A/Swww.grundfos.com

Notebook:: The Grundfos Sensor is the result of a 10-year research and development program to find a precise, robust sensor for use with Grundfos pumps in aggressive media environments. The Grundfos sensor combines pressure or flow measurement with temperature, thus supplying all central information needed to optimize pump operation. The sensor includes a “nano-coating” protection element, which is resistant to very aggressive medias (pH 2-11) and temperatures up to 120 C. In such a scenario, less than 0.2 nm of surface material will disappear per day, giving the sensor a lifetime expectancy of 10-plus years. According to Grundfos, the sensor can generate pump energy consumption by as much as 15 percent.

Customer References: Consoft GmbH, Nakseung, Vailant Hepworth, Mora Top, DAB.

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Product Name: OPTIWAVE/OPTIFLEX Radar Level GaugeRelease Date: October 2005Company Name: KROHNEwww.krohne-mar.com

Notebook:: KROHNE”s OPTIWAVE (noncontact radar) and OPTIFLEX (contacting guided-wave radar) feature high-speed signal processing and filtering to increase both the bandwidth and dynamics, enabling higher precision, greater reliability, and simplified installation. Based on the Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) signal generation and evaluation technique, the OPTIWAVE/OPTIFLEX products allow for more accurate, reliable, and continuous level measurement with higher resolution and greater mapping and suppression capability than traditional pulse-based systems. The systems offer operating frequency of 24-26 GHz. Accuracy is +/- 0.12″, with a resolution of 0.04″.

Customer Reference: “The ingenious part of the OPTIFLUX is its innovative and intelligent diagnostics capabilities. KROHNE offers a level of reliability in operation that has never been experienced anywhere before.” – Dr. Armin Brucker, BASF.

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Product Name: Sterile Visual Flow IndicatorRelease Date: December 2004Company Name: L.J. Starwww.ljstar.com

Notebook:: L.J. Star”s sterile visual flow indicator features a precision bore glass that mates flush with o-ring and tube ID to provide a crevice-free transition. The design minimizes areas that can collect liquids and contaminants. As a result, the device ensures minimal contamination of process media. Users can determine flow, proper draining, and perform visual inspection of the process media.

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Product Name: Model 203 Electronic Flow MonitorRelease Date: January 2004Company Name: Machine Products Corp.www.mpcdayton.com

Notebook:: The MPC Model 203 combines the advantages of a visual flow indicator and an electronic flow monitor. The flow of liquid agitates a special spheroid ball, which is monitored through a high-intensity light beam, transmitted in rugged fiber optic cables. The indicator is also sensitive to low flowrates (0.2 GPM) and can be outfitted to accommodate high flowrate (18 GPM). When no-flow conditions occur, the system can trigger an alarm or immediately terminate operation. The system”s compact construction allows it to be easily installed in harsh environments for heavy-duty use.

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Product Name: F300 Mass & Volume Flow SensorRelease Date: July 2004Company Name: Micro Motion, Emerson Process Managementwww.micromotion.com

Notebook:: The F300 features a balanced design to provide stability for larger and more compact Coriolis flow and density meters. A patent-pending technology, the sensor offers a compact and durable design, making it a good fit for larger pipe sizes in harsh environments where space and ruggedness are essential. The system”s high-flow capacity is 10,000 lb/min.

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Product Name: USTD II SensorRelease Date: March 2005Company Name: MTS Systemswww.mts.com

Notebook:: The USTD II sensor can sense inventory level, interface level, and temperature through the same opening in the top of a vessel. This allows for convenient upgrades to existing tanks using older mechanical, capacitance, or radar technologies. Other sensor technologies require two or sometimes three openings to measure interface level and temperature. In addition to monitoring new tanks, the USTD II offers simple upgrades for existing tanks that may need upgraded level-sensing applications. In existing tanks with only one opening, two or three opening solutions are often not viable. The USTD II uses MTS”s Temposonics magnetostrictive technology to provide continuous absolute level gauging, offering temperature, product, and water level output information from a single probe. Dual floats are used to measure product level and water. In addition, the gauge determines the average temperature and individual multi-point temperatures with five integrated temperature transmitters accurate to +/-0.5 F (+/-0.25 C).

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Product Name: SRG Thermal Mass FlowmeterRelease Date: May 2005Company Name: Sage Meteringwww.sagemetering.com

Notebook:: The latest versions of Sage Metering”s SRG general purpose thermal mass flowmeters for gases now feature a touch panel display. Using the display, users can now access a menu system without removing the cover of the electronics. This supports the NEMA 4 integrity of the enclosure. The menuing system allows users to change the pipe area, engineering units, decimal points, verify calibration, or check such analysis items as average flow (for the past hour), maximum flow, minimum flow, etc. Menus can also be accessed using a free software application, Sage VIP, from a laptop.

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Product Name: MAG 8000 Magnetic FlowmeterRelease Date: March 2005Company Name: Siemens Energy & Automationwww.siemens.com

Notebook:: The MAG 8000 is a battery-powered magnetic flowmeter specifically designed for the water and irrigation markets. With a battery life of five to six years, it is designed to replace high-maintenance, less accurate mechanical flowmeters. The device has no internal moving parts, no obstructions in the flow stream, and supports SCADA and wireless communications. Available with ANSI Class 150 flanges in sizes from two to 12 inches. Provides accuracy better than 1 percent even when installed directly after a 90-degree elbow. The sensors are rated NEMA 6P (IP68), so they can be permanently buried underground.

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Product Name: IT400 Rate Indicator/TotalizerRelease Date: December 2004Company Name: Sponslerwww.sponsler.com

Notebook:: The IT400 rate indicator/totalizer features a programming interface with pushbutton menus and a rotary switch to control numerical displays. The system offers a refresh rate up to 0.5 seconds and can be configured with separate unit displays for rate indication and totalization and temperature compensation. While the Sponsler IT400 accepts signal input via modulated carrier or a 50 mV-36 V sine/square wave, the flexibility of the power input accommodates an internal D Lithium battery, an external, reverse-polarity protected five to 35 VDC, or 4-20 mA loop. Features include auto-range capability for decimal placement, magnetically activated backlighting, and a dual segment low-battery warning. In addition, the system offers alerts for maintenance and when the range of rate is over/under limit indications.

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Product Name: Acceleabar FlowmeterRelease Date: January 2005Company Name: Veriswww.veris-inc.com

Notebook:: The Accelabar flowmeter combines two flow measurement technologies in a single meter. Both elements of the meter (Verabar and Accelabar nozzle) are patented. The nozzle has a patented straight-run settling distance that accelerates, linearizes, and stabilizes the velocity profile. The Verabar, located within the nozzle, accurately measures and significantly increases the differential pressure output to increase the operating range (turndown). In short, the combination of the two technologies produces higher accuracy over an extended turndown with no straight-run requirements. Superior accuracy (+/- 0.75 percent) over an extended range. No calibration required. Handles gas, liquid, and steam. No straight-run requirements. No maintenance required. Five-year performance warranty.

Customer Reference: Universal Consulting & Technology operates in the coal bed methane, conventional oil & gas, and utilities industries. To date, Universal is the single largest Accelabar user with hundreds in service worldwide. They are all installed in three- and four-inch lines measuring coal seam gas (mostly methane). This application requires a wide turndown and the piping from underground has no available straight-run.

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Product Name: ADMAG AXF Magnetic FlowmeterRelease Date: August 2004Company Name: Yokogawawww.yokogawa.com

Notebook:: The ADMAG AXF magnetic flowmeter features electrode coating diagnostics to ensure the accuracy of the meter isn”t impeded by build-up of material on the electrode, a situation that requires periodic maintenance. With conventional magmeters, the maintenance schedule is arrived at based on simple experience and observation. With the new coating diagnostic function of the ADMAG AXF it is possible to monitor the status of the electrodes in real time. The coating level can be judged by measuring the resistance between the electrodes and the earth rings. A small, rectangular current pulse is fed from the electrode to the earth ring in order to measure the resistance using Ohm”s law. The pulse frequency is synchronized with even multiples of the flow signals” frequencies. When the flow signals are operated, the pulse frequency is cancelled out and thus does not influence the operated computation outputs. Conversely, when the coating diagnosis signals are operated, the flow signals are cancelled out with no influence on the diagnosis results. This kind of signal processing makes electrode coating diagnosis possible even during flow measurement. The severity of the coating is judged in four levels based on pre-defined values. Level 3 corresponds to a warning and a status output signal can be generated. When the coating level is judged to be level 4, an alarm output can also be set. Although the coating criterion levels are preset to reference values at the factory, they can be changed by users depending on their application.

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Product Name: Design Flow Solution DesignNetRelease Date: April 2004Company Name: ABZwww.abz-inc.com

Notebook:: DFS DesigNet allows users to quickly solve complex fluid flow problems without concern about the use of simplified equations or significant assumptions. Further, the user need not know or assume flow directions; the program determines this and models component resistance consistent with the flow direction. Program solutions are based on fundamental equations and first principle physics. The calculation basis can be printed to allow rapid confirmation of program methods. The program readily allows viewing of the fluid system layout and solutions on a high level, almost block diagram, or just as easily at the very detailed level of a piping and instrumentation diagram with fitting-by-fitting detailed results. The program will also prepare a detailed bill of materials, which can be used for cost estimating. To allow more rapid feasibility or conceptual evaluations, DesigNet allows users the option to solve compressible problems assuming incompressible behavior. Clearly, if there is any substantial pressure change through the system, the final solutions should be performed using compressible methods, but the ability to easily switch to an incompressible solution makes initial evaluation and conceptual “what-if” analysis less time consuming.

Customer Reference: “Through the use of the DesigNet software, we have been able to streamline our ability to readily generate baseline hydraulic calculations, which has made our project teams more efficient.” – Nancy T. Zacharek, O”Brien & Gere Engineers

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Product Name: PRD2 Ultra-Miniature Diaphragm Pressure RegulatorRelease Date: June 2004Company Name: Beswick Engineeringwww.beswick.com

Notebook:: The PRD2 ultra-miniature diaphragm pressure regulator is roughly the size of 10 quarters stacked on top of each other. The patent-pending device weighs approximately 23 grams in aluminum and 50 grams in brass and stainless steel. Usually, a designer sacrifices performance when selecting a small device. However, the PRD2 outperforms most other miniature regulators on the market. The PRD2 has three major characteristics that make it innovative. The device features a low-friction sensor and a proprietary valve arrangement to achieve excellent regulation. An innovative spring arrangement gives this regulator the capability of handling a range of regulated output pressures while maintaining a very small envelope. The stages of the regulator are “nested,” keeping the regulator on a very miniature scale. The PRD2 can be assembled to handle three different pressure ranges: 0-5 PSIG, 0-10 PSIG, and 0-20 PSIG. Available with nitrile rubber (Buna-N), fluorocarbon (Viton), and EPDM seals.

Customer Reference: “The Beswick two-stage diaphragm regulator out performed all others tested. Our application required a precise, extremely lightweight, two stage regulator with great repeatability. We found all of these characteristics in the PRD2 aluminum version.” – Design Engineer, Military Contracting Industry.

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Product Name: ProVane PumpRelease Date: January 2005Company Name: Blackmerwww.blackmer.com

Notebook:: The Blackmer ProVane is capable of operating speeds up to 3,600 RPM with capacities from six to 210 GPM in sizes ranging from 3/4″ to three inches. The pump delivers the self-priming, low-shear, and fluid-transfer efficiency of traditional vane pumps with the added benefits of higher operating speeds, longer bearing and vane life, and one mechanical seal. The ProVane pump does not require a gear reducer, so the pump offers upfront equipment, installation and energy cost savings, and a small footprint. The ProVane pump is available in ductile iron for general chemical, petroleum and additive blending, coatings, and colorant applications; stainless steel for high-purity chemicals, acids, and caustics; and bronze for AFFF injection, shipboard, and other water-based applications.

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Product Name: Unit Liquid Flow Controller Release Date: July 2005Company Name: Celerity www.celerity.net

Notebook:: Celerity”s Unit liquid flow controller is embedded with proprietary InFlo technology and uses ultrasonic methods for measuring flowrate. A sophisticated time-of-flight algorithm is coupled with advanced signal processing to make the Unit controller faster than other ultrasonic sensors currently on the market. The system”s flow path has been optimized to minimize shear forces that can lead to particle agglomeration in slurries. Wetted flow path is PFA/PTFE, and there are no elastomer seals that can form particle entrapment areas or react with liquid chemicals. A bubble detection algorithm allows the flow controller to operate normally when bubbles are present. The Unit LFC offers a turndown ratio to 50-to-1. Accuracy is 1 percent of setpoint down to 50 ml/min.

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Product Name: Masterflex L/S Easy-Load 3 Pump HeadRelease Date: September 2004Company Name: Cole-Parmer Instrumentwww.coleparmer.com

Notebook:: The Masterflex L/S Easy-Load 3 Pump Head automatically grips any of the Masterflex L/S tubing sizes (or materials) that the specific model is designed for. Precision tubing models accept six sizes for a total flow range of 0.06 to 2300 mL/min; high-performance, precision tubing models accept four sizes of tubing for a flow range of 1.7 to 2900 mL/min. There is no need for the operator to make any adjustments to tubing retainers or occlusion when loading tubing or even when changing to a different size of tubing. The pump head is designed and manufactured to achieve high performance with no assembly calibration at the factory. This ensures greater consistency in performance specifications from pump head to pump head.

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Product Name: EcoTRAN Pressure Sewer System Release Date: June 2005 Company Name: Crane Pumps & Systems www.cranepumps.com

Notebook:: Crane Pumps & Systems” Barnes brand EcoTRAN residential basin package is designed for pressure sewer systems. It preserves groundwater ecology by collecting and grinding residential sewage in an underground basin and transmitting the waste under pressure to a remote private or municipal waste treatment plant. A pre-installed, epoxy-coated rebar simplifies ballasting and regardless of the depth requires only 1/3-yard of concrete to set in place. Three inlet positions provide substantial piping location flexibility. The Barnes EcoTRAN system comes with a choice of two highly dependable centrifugal grinder pumps, including silicon carbide mechanical seals and 100,000-hour bearings to minimize service calls. The unit is also provided with an automatic pressure switch to control pump operation that is immune to grease build-up.

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Product Name: Automatic Flow/Automatic Pressure Control SystemRelease Date: April 2004Company Name: Dorr-Oliver EIMCOwww.glv.com

Notebook:: The Automatic Flow/Automatic Pressure Control System is designed for Dorr-Oliver”s pump products for wastewater treatment plants. The unit automatically adjusts the flowrate and pressure as required to meet changing process conditions. When it rains, pumps at a treatment plant can take in a lot of grit and the density of sludge can change rapidly. This system allows treatment plants to address this issue without cranking up the pump rate and pressure beyond the levels necessary to handle increasing sludge density. Users can input lower and upper level density thresholds, and the system will adjust to accurately accommodate changing density levels. If the density of sludge goes outside the upper or lower level thresholds, the controller will signal an alarm.

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Product Name: Twist II Clean FilterRelease Date: April 2004Company Name: Dosmatic www.dosmatic.com

Notebook:: The Twist II Clean spin-down filter features a quarter-turn handle and five seconds of back/flush to prevent clogging in water systems. The quarter-turn knob action simultaneously shuts off the water flow at the outlet and reverses the flow of the water stream from the outside-in direction of the filter element screen to the inside-out direction, flushing filtered material off the filter element. By opening the flush valve to drain the outlet, the filter ensures that all filtered materials trapped by the filter are immediately discharged from the unit under line pressure to atmospheric, resulting in a thorough cleaning process of three seconds. The Twist II Clean filter offers the ability to flush the screen clean without the physical need of shutting off the water pressure at both the inlet and outlet and disassembling the filter cover and pressure seal to get at the screen filter element for replacement or cleaning.

Customer Reference: “In my 30 years of experience in designing and merchandising water treatment equipment, the Twist II Clean one-step flush design is one of the most innovative ideas to be introduced into the water conditioning market.” – Edward C. Grout, ECG Consulting

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Product Name: Digihelic Pressure ControllerRelease Date: August 2004Company Name: Dwyer Instruments www.dwyer-inst.com

Notebook:: The Digihelic pressure controller combines a differential pressure gauge, switch, and transmitter with Modbus communications all into one single, compact package. Along with the ability to be used in a myriad of pressure applications, the Digihelic can be combined with a flow sensor to calculate appropriate velocity and flow readings. The unit comes in a compact 1/8 DIN ABS plastic housing with NEMA 4x front face. The units possess a 0.5 percent accuracy on full-scale ranges as low as 0-.25″ w.c. to 100″ w.c. Bidirectional ranges are also available up to 10 inches w.c. All units can be powered with 120-220 VAC plus 24 VDC.The Digihelic has bright LED”s on the front face to indicate when an alarm or setpoint relay has been activated. Alarms can be programmed for high, low, or high/low and can be automatically or manually reset. The unit is field-programmable with five simple menus: a security menu for locking out certain aspects of the controller; a control menu for selecting the engineering units and whether the control is operating in pressure, velocity, or flow modes; an output menu that allows selection of single setpoint control, dual setpoint control or setpoint/alarm control modes; a display menu that allows the user to select the digital dampening required for the application; and an advanced menu that allows the user to recalibrate the unit easily in the field.

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Product Name: PIPE-FLO Software Development KitRelease Date: January 2005Company Name: Engineered Software www.eng-software.com

Notebook:: The PIPE-FLO software development kit”s piping schematic shows all pumps, tanks, components, and controls in a piping system, providing users with a total picture of the process environment. Users can create their own naming conventions for pipelines, pumps, tanks, control valves, and junctions. Valves and fittings can be displayed on the piping schematic to increase the system details. Users can add notations to the schematic by creating free-floating text and group boxes. PIPE-FLO works with existing CAD software by importing and exporting drawings in a DXF format. The system allows users to quickly view design data for each item in the piping system by pointing to the object and viewing the details in a viewer. Results are displayed directly on the piping schematic so users can see when the system is exceeding pre-defined limits.

Customer Reference: “We knew we could install flowmeters, but they are expensive and notorious for not being reliable. We also thought about developing our own custom calculation algorithm internally. It would have taken us six month of development time to create the interface internally and using flowmeters would have significantly increased the capital and installation costs. Without the PIPE-FLO SDK, the cost of the project would have been so great that we would have scrapped it in the design phase.” – Kevin J. Reynolds, Senior Marine Engineer, Glosten Associates

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Product Name: Mark 100 Control ValveRelease Date: June 2004Company Name: Flowserve www.flowserve.com

Notebook:: The Flowserve Mark 100 globe-style control valve features a streamlined and aerodynamic gallery and bowl design to enable more flow capacity than comparable valves. This special design reduces the body effects inside the valve that cause body pressure drops, which result in flow reduction. The increase in flow capacity offered by the Mark 100 often allows end-users to specify a smaller valve to achieve the same amount of flow, making the Mark 100 a cost-effective solution. The valve features a base stand, a wide wrench clearance at the top of the valve, and a clamped seat ring, making the valve easier to service than conventional globe control valves. Also, the Mark 100 is specifically designed to hold severe service trims, improving the performance of anti-cavitation and anti-noise trims.

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Product Name: PROsmart Predictive Condition Monitoring SystemRelease Date: September 2004Company Name: Goulds Pumps, ITT Industries www.gouldspumps.com

Notebook:: PROsmart is a multi-patented predictive condition monitoring technology designed to assure that process plants continuously run at peak efficiency. PROsmart continuously monitors, analyzes (to pre-stated parameters), and annunciates an alarm when critical criteria are not met for all types of rotating equipment. It identifies and diagnoses equipment problems before they have a chance to manifest into unexpected downtime. Continuously monitoring for vibration, temperature, speed, oil level, seal flush and seal leak, the system helps extend the life of equipment by identifying problems early. Alarms at equipment and or to e-mail, cell phone, pager, etc. indicate problem conditions immediately. The system eliminates the need for personnel to walk the plant floor to check the status of each rotating device.

Customer Reference: Casco Inc. has a substantial investment in pumps and rotating equipment. Casco looked at predictive condition monitoring in the past but was turned off by both the cost and technology limitations. When Casco recently revisited the possibility of using predictive condition monitoring as part of their plant asset improvement program, and they found that major advancements had been achieved by Goulds in the predictive monitoring area.

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Product Name: Duplex Basket Strainer Release Date: February 2005Company Name: Hayward Industrial Products www.haywardindustrial.com

Notebook:: Hayward”s Duplex basket strainer removes potentially damage-causing particulate matter from liquid piping systems to protect pumps, meters, valves, etc. from harmful material. The strainer can be cleaned without shutting down flow. An all-plastic construction supports corrosive and ultra-pure applications. Supports both in-line and loop piping arrangements without the need for extra pipe or fittings. The bottom outlet can be rotated 180 degrees. A slant-top strainer basket limits pressure drop. No tools are needed to service the strainer. Hand-removable covers require no tools for removal. The covers are liquid displacing to make basket cleaning/changing quicker and less messy. Vents and drains are also hand removable, no tools required.

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Product Name: Versa-Twin 2100 PumpRelease Date: March 2005Company Name: Hypro Pumpswww.hypropumps.com

Notebook:: The Versa-Twin 2100 pump is based on a patent-pending design, which allows the same pump housing to serve as either a plunger or diaphragm system. A total of nine different pump and motor configurations are available from Hypro for use with known applications and others that have yet to be fully explored. The plunger pump expels two GPM (7.6 l/m) at 300 PSI (20.7 bar), and the diaphragm option will deliver five GPM (18.9 l/m) at 100 PSI (6.9 bar). The diversity of the pumping range is unique to this product and the pump head is molded into the body minimizing the chance of leaks or failure under high pressure. The ability of a nonmetal pump to withstand high pressure has traditionally been limit. The Versa-Twin 2100, however, is made of PBT polyester combined with an innovative mold design, which enables it to withstand corrosive chemicals and deliver them under high pressure.

Customer Reference: “Hulett Environmental Services purchased Hypro”s diaphragm pump for use on one of our vehicles for Pest Control services. We use the Hypro pump daily and it works great. We spray our products with 300 feet of 1/2″ hose and get good pressure and tank agitation. The pump also runs more quietly.” – James J. Triplett, Palm Beach Pest Control Manager, Hulett Environmental Services

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Product Name: CLASSIC Flow, Level, and Temperature SwitchRelease Date: March 2004Company Name: Kayden Instrumentswww.kayden.com

Notebook:: First introduced in 1998, the CLASSIC was upgraded in 2004 to include many new features. The CLASSIC contains no jumpers or dip-switches. All user options are set from the switches front panel or remotely via Modbus. The input power is universal with no switches to select between 12/24 VDC & 115/230 VAC. Via Modbus, the user can lock the front panel for compliance with SILs (Safety Integration Levels). The CLASSIC performs well in flow, level, interface, and temperature applications with air, gases, liquids, and slurries. With six built-in timers, applications can be automated without a PLC. Timers and external circuits continually monitor the microprocessor and associated electronics. The microprocessor also runs continuous diagnostics on the sensor components and wiring. These features prevent any software or hardware failures from going undetected. The CLASSIC, unlike conventional flow switches, features a 4-20 mA current loop output, which is configurable to represent the thermal signal or the actual process temperature.

Customer Reference: “Encana Gas Storage uses the Kayden CLASSIC Flow Switches in many applications. The most widely used application for this switch is on our flare stacks for flare ignition purposes and for early warning that a PSV or rupture disc has failed. In both cases, the Kayden switches have proven their worth and paid for themselves 100 times over. With the large volumes of gas we are dealing with, the smallest indication when we have a PSV lifting pays for these switches. Good product and we will continue to incorporate these in any future designs.” – Chris Sas, EIC Coordinator , Encana AECO Hub & Countess Gas Storage

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Product Name: CCPI Series Check ValveRelease Date: February 2004Company Name: The Lee Companywww.theleeco.com

Notebook:: The CCPI Series check valve is a mere 2.5 millimeters in diameter. Specifically designed for installation in plastic materials, the cartridge-style valve is 100 percent performance tested, offers low leakage, and can be incorporated into standard plastic fittings. The unique, barbed design provides easy “press-in” installation, ensures retention, and prevents any bypass leakage around the valve. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the new valve is available in a range of cracking pressures and is compatible with most fluids.

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Product Name: Moyno 2000 CC PumpRelease Date: October 2004Company Name: Moynowww.moyno.com

Notebook:: The Moyno 2000 CC pump couples a gear joint drive with a close-coupled configuration for robust performance while maintaining a compact, economical package. The pump features a sealed, gear-type universal joint drive train and optimized rotor/stator pumping element geometry. Designed to efficiently transfer abrasive, high-solids content materials, the Moyno 2000 CC Pump offers the flexibility to tackle wastewater treatment sludge applications, maintain a steady flowrate despite fluctuating inlet pressures, and operate dependably under harsh and fluctuating operating conditions. Integral gear motors pinned to the pump drive shaft and access ports for easy disassembly and reassembly. Supports flowrates to 1,000 GPM. ANSI flat flanges on suction and discharge ends. DIN Standard 24960 and ISO 3069 single mechanical seals. Compact size with close-coupled configuration.

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Product Name: Opti-Con ControllerRelease Date: October 2004Company Name: Philadelphia Mixing Solutionswww.philamixers.com

Notebook:: The Opti-Con controller uses real-time data transmitted through an array of sensors to control the equipment dedicated to biologically treat wastewater. Flow variations are known as a diurnal curve. It represents the difference in operational flow during a period of time. The Opti-Con ensures the plant operates at the optimal efficiency to handle flow variations, biological treatment, and energy consumption. This control leads to improved solids settleability, reduced chemical utilization, and improved effluent quality. Control of the Opti-Con is achieved through a secure Ethernet connection that provides remote access. All units can be linked to one SCADA location. The Opti-Con can be configured to all aeration systems. Recording real-time characteristics enables the Opti-Con to make flow control decisions based on true conditions.

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Product Name: Air Release ValveRelease Date: September 2004Company Name: Plast-O-Matic Valveswww.plastomatic.com

Notebook:: The Series ARV is a normally open valve installed at the highest point in a liquid piping system. Until the piping system is pressurized, the valve is simply open, and air is present. At system startup, pressure builds, forcing unwanted air or gasses to the highest point in the system, i.e., the location of the Air Release Valve. When pressure within the system exceeds atmospheric pressure, air is expelled. As liquid rises, a unique self-guided poppet inside the valve becomes buoyant and eventually seals against an orifice. This new valve is an all-plastic design – no metal used in construction – and is ideal for ultra-pure or corrosive liquids. It will close at zero system pressure, as long as liquid is present. It seals bubble-tight at 10 PSI system pressure. It can be opened for inspection/cleaning without tools.

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Product Name: PAXDP Dual Process Input Meter Release Date: May 2004 Company Name: Red Lion Controls www.redlion.net

Notebook:: The PAXDP dual process input meter is a two-in-one process control solution that lets users monitor, scale, and display two independent input sources, perform a high-speed math function on the input values, and display the resulting value. The PAXDP can be set up to display input values from both signal sources and calculate and display a resultant value based on the two input values. With optional plug-in cards, the meter can be equipped to generate desired outputs including alarm triggering, retransmission of analog output, or data to comms via a host of industrial communication protocols. Math functions are performed at high speeds, and results can be calculated at user-selectable rates from five to 105 updates per second. The meter incorporates 16-point scaling for nonlinear processes and a nine-digit totalizer (integrator) with batching capabilities. The PAXDP meter is available in both AC and DC models that accept two 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC input signals. Features include a NEMA 4X/IP65-sealed front bezel, a five-digit, sunlight-readable .56″ LED display with variable intensity, Flash programmable software upgrades, and programmable function keys/user inputs.

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Product Name: FLG 12/01-LCRelease Date: February 2005Company Name: Rietschle Thomas www.rtpumps.com

Notebook:: Rietschle Thomas”s FLG 12/01-LC miniature rotary vane liquid pump is made of injection-molded LCP (liquid crystal polymer), which gives the unit high strength and stiffness, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and outstanding resistance to most chemicals. Operating lifetime exceeds 1,000 hours. Operating characteristics include: Max. – 1.3 l/min; Max. Pressure Height – 8 m H20; Operating Range – up to 7 m H20; Suction Height (dry) – .08 m H20; Suction Height (wet) – .4 m H20; Suction Height (flooded) – 5.2 m H20; Ambient Temperature – 0 to 50 C; Temperature range – 0 to 80 C; Weight – .08 kg; Dimensions – mm (68.4 L x 28.7 H x 30.3 W).

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Product Name: Pivotrol PumpRelease Date: November 2004Company Name: Spirax Sarco www.spiraxsarco.com

Notebook:: The Pivotrol pump features Spirax Sarco”s PowerPivot technology, which replaces bearing surfaces with pivots to extend the service life of a mechanical pump. The pump is made of stainless steel components and carbide pivots. A fully patented design, the pump virtually eliminates friction and wear by replacing large numbers of bearing surfaces with a few pivot points. Friction within the mechanism has been reduced to a negligible amount, thus extending the service life of each mechanism. Three and five-year warranties are available for three million and five million cycles.

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Product Name: DR20 Pressure Reducing ValveRelease Date: October 2004Company Name: TLV Corp. www.tlvengineering.com

Notebook:: The DR20 provides pressure reductions up to 30-to-1 and tight Class 4 shutoff in steam, air, and other gas applications (including CO2 and N2). The valve provides a more stable secondary pressure than conventional direct-acting reducing valves. A flow-up design, as well as a flat valve and plug arrangement, increases secondary pressure stability. This enhances the pressure reduction capability of the device, allowing it to reach a ratio of 30-to-1 to eliminate the need for costly tow-stage pressure reduction. Inline access to internal parts and reusable PTFE gaskets make service possible without removing the body from installation. The bellows diaphragm gives the DR20 greater precision, prevents fugitive emissions, and improves maintenance, repair, and reliability. The DR20 weighs only 3.9 lbs with a total height of 7 5/16″.

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Product Name: Pro-Flo V Air Distribution SystemRelease Date: May 2004Company Name: Wilden Pump & Engineering www.wildenpump.com

Notebook:: Wilden Pump & Engineering”s Pro-Flo V ADS is a patent-pending product designed for air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps. The system helps achieve maximum flowrates by allowing compressed air to be maneuvered such that internal resistance is reduced to increase pump cycle rates and reduce energy requirements. An exhaust port design slows the expansion of air within the pump and keeps moisture from freezing in the system. The system also features a lubrication-free design with only two moving parts, which reduces maintenance requirements. Aluminum and stainless steel materials of construction are available to support sanitary and biopharmaceutical applications.

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Product Name: Permovial Universal Tank Mixing SystemRelease Date: June 2004Company Name: BIF www.bifwater.com

Notebook:: The Permovial Universal tank mixing system is a patented potable water-mixing unit that uses the laws of physics to provide total, thorough mixing of water in storage tanks. Providing peak quality water is a critical issue for today”s public water utilities. The Permovial system is the first system in the world to utilize the laws of physics and fluid dynamics to properly and adequately mix water in elevated and ground storage tanks. Water is mixed both on the fill and the draw cycle of tank operation without the input of any external energy. The system is driven by the reduction of water pressure as the water flows into the storage tank.

Customer Reference: “Without question, the addition of the mixing system in potable waters storage tanks significantly improves quality.” – Jose Hernandez, Cleveland Public Water

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Product Name: Leak Detection SystemRelease Date: February 2004Company Name: Controlotron www.controlotron.com

Notebook:: Controlotron”s leak detection system is a nonintrusive leak detection software-based system. The offering includes all necessary engineering services and local communications equipment. The operation is a real-time, continuous, 24-by-7 pipeline surveillance system for both flow and no-flow conditions. The system can be installed without shutting down the pipeline. It can operate in a stand-alone mode outside of the operator”s SCADA system or within the SCADA system. Also, the system can be configured for specific environments and can provide troubleshooting from remote locations. Detection can be achieved as low as 0.25 percent in five minutes. Standard features include leak location, interface detection, line-pack detection, and pig tracking.

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Product Name: PIG Oil-Only Water Drum FilterRelease Date: January 2004Company Name: New Pig Corp. www.newpig.com

Notebook:: The PIG Oil-Only water drum filter separates hydrocarbons from water-based liquids without using a complex filtration method. Filter media is contained in pillow form, making changeouts less difficult and messy. The system is gravity fed and does not require an external power supply. To help minimize waste, media pillows are stacked so they can be rotated if the top pillows become saturated. Each filtering pillow will remove approximately 6.5 gallons of oil. The polyethylene construction is resistant to rust and corrosion. No moving parts. Outflow port supports easy connection to drainage hoses or pipes.

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Product Name: 54000 Spray ManifoldRelease Date: April 2005Company Name: Spraying Systems www.spray.com

Notebook:: The 54000 spray manifold is designed for tablet coating operations. It removes all exposed tubing and connectors typical to spray manifolds, making it easy to clean and maintain. A lightweight solution, the 54000 manifold is easy to handle as well, and can be effortlessly moved in and out of tablet coating equipment. The manifold is comprised of Teflon spacer blocks and features a mechanically electropolished surface for a more sanitary finish, which is ideal for spraying viscous liquids and can be used in recirculated systems. The manifold”s modular design allows for a wide variety of setups. The manifold is made of sanitary FDA-compliant and chemical-resistant material and is produced in different versions to accommodate Spraying Systems” VMAU/VAU and JAU series nozzles.

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