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Editor Lori Ditoro visited with Schneider Electric’s Jack Creamer, Robert Hemmerdinger and Scott Coulter to learn about the ready-to-connect Modicon M172p expandable PLC.
Flow Measurement

AHR Expo post-show product blog

Feb. 22, 2016
The industry is moving in a positive directions with automation and control of systems at the forefront.
This design reduces energy consumption and increases biogas production.
Power Generation

More energy, less biosolids

Feb. 18, 2016
Wastewater facilities achieve energy autarky with new plant design.
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Power Generation

Carbon emissions plan blocked by Supreme Court

Feb. 17, 2016
The decision does not mean the court will necessarily rule against the EPA plan in the end but does increase the chance that it will.
Power Generation

Current winter season sees higher power generation with natural gas

Feb. 11, 2016
While coal capacity reductions and the availability of efficient gas-fire generating units have contributed to the increase, the primary cause is low natural gas prices.
Arc-resistant technology is designed to control, minimize and prevent arc faults for enhanced personnel protection.
Power Generation

Drives can do more than save energy

Feb. 2, 2016
Advancing worker safety in industrial environments