Maintenance & Safety

Table 1. The ANSI/ASME standard recommends using label colors in these ways. The last four give users options to create their own facility standards for contents not already defined by the standard. All graphics courtesy of Creative Safety Supply
Maintenance & Safety

Implementing a pipe labeling project

Sept. 27, 2018
Well-marked piping is critical to safety.
Under rapid-flow conditions, a wake forms behind the thermowell and generates vortices that rotate in opposite directions. These vortices are then shed, resulting in oscillating lift-and-drag forces that cause the unsupported stem to vibrate to the point of mechanical failure. All graphics courtesy of WIKA Instrument
Temperature Measurement

How to save thermowells from vortex-induced vibrations and mechanical fatigue

Aug. 27, 2018
These temperature-detecting devices are widely used across the manufacturing industries, but are prone to failure due to vortices.
Temperature Measurement

Multiparametric data analysis for smarter assets

Aug. 13, 2018
Optimization through analytics is the way of the future.
Graphic courtesy of EU Automation
Maintenance & Safety

How to manage equipment obsolescence

July 23, 2018
Face the inevitable in process plants.
Maintenance & Safety

Maintenance goes hand in hand with IIoT and smart pumps

July 12, 2018
Oil and gas companies are focusing on operational expenditure following 2016’s oil price plunge.