Pragma pursues rollout of Downhole Steam Injection Valve; OPW appoints product manager; Vee Bee Filtration announces technology center

Feb. 6, 2019

Industry news: Pragma pursues rollout of Downhole Steam Injection Valve; OPW appoints product manager; Vee Bee Filtration announces investment for new tech center.

Pragma pursues rollout of Downhole Steam Injection Valve

Aberdeen-based oil and gas production technology company, Pragma Well Technology, has been given the green light by Pharis Energy and OGTC to progress with the manufacture and prototype testing of its Downhole Steam Injection Valve (DSIV) following a successful feasibility study. Using advanced materials, detailed fluid design and innovative engineering features to maximize reliability for extreme downhole conditions, the surface controlled DSIV will be the first steam injection valve available on the market to meet U.K. safety regulations. The valve will be rated to withstand the extreme downhole conditions required for continuous high-pressure steam injection and will operate at temperatures of up to 343ºC.

The DSIV is a key enabling technology for the implementation of offshore steam-flood, and Pharis will use the DSIV valves to protect well integrity, as the company progresses a steam assisted, phased development of the pilot field, which lies in UKCS block 21/27a. This project will start with a steam-flood trial injecting up to 36,000 bcwe/day (barrels of cold water equivalent) of steam into the southern part of the pilot field. The full-scale steam-flood is aiming for approximately 50 percent recovery (over 120 mmbbls), about three times as much oil as would be expected to be recovered using the standard cold water-flood techniques used in most North Sea heavy oil projects to date.

OPW Engineered Systems appoints Mohammad Noful to product manager

OPW Engineered Systems appointed Mohammad "Mo" Noful to product manager. Noful will manage the entire range of OPW’s LOK product portfolio, specifically the Autolok and Kamlok quick disconnect products and the Drylok, Kamvalok, Epsilon and Twist-Lok dry disconnect product families.

Noful, who will report to Morrow, joined OPW in 2017 as a member of the company’s Leadership Development Program. Over 18 months, he was immersed in the OPW culture while gaining experience at OPW’s Retail Fueling subsidiary as a manufacturing engineer and the Midland manufacturing business unit as a production scheduler. Originally from Chicago, Noful earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2017. While at UIC, he was an undergraduate research assistant and associate, and he completed an internship as a quality engineer at Avocet Polymer Technologies, Inc., in Chicago.

Vee Bee Filtration announces investment in new technology center

Vee Bee Filtration, which designs, manufactures and supplies strainers, filters and pressure vessels, announced it will move to new premises as part of a multimillion dollar investment strategy from its parent company Signum Technology. The Vee Bee Technology Centre will be in Halesowen in the West Midlands, U.K., and will provide design and assembly facilities.

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