ABB and ODS partnership to enable precise and reliable custody transfer

Oct. 11, 2023
The partnership with ODS Metering Systems will see ABB support an increasing number of customers in the engergy distribution market with an accurate and reliable automation solution for custody transfer.

Zurich, Switzerland (10-10-2023; ABB release) — ABB has announced a partnership with ODS Metering Systems, an independent manufacturer of custody transfer flow measurement solutions, that will see ABB’s Flow-X computers support an increasing number of oil and gas customers with an accurate and reliable automation platform for custody transfer.

The partnership sees the two companies combining their respective strengths: ABB with their innovative flow computers, the control devices known in the industry for their exceptional accuracy and reliability, and ODS Metering Systems with the skills to help customers transition to new solutions through futher digitalization and with minimum disruption. Through their expertise, global service and maintenance capacity, ODS Metering Systems will secure the seamlesst integration of ABB flow computers in newly built systems as well as refurbishment projects.

Custody transfer is a critical part of oil and gas logistical and commercial operations and is central to risk mitigation, inventory management, quality control and regulatory compliance. The ABB Flow-X series play a crucial role within these operations by accurately measuring and recording the quantity of the oil and gas being transferred from one party to another, protecting the interests of both buyers and sellers.

The Flow-X computer systems have an unmatched accuracy of 0.008 percent over a wide ambient temperature range as well as reliable performance, with the mean time between failures longer than 100 years.

“ABB’s Flow-X computers are not only exceptionally accurate and reliable, but they offer one of the most versatile and cost-effective automation platforms for custody transfer on the market,” said Danny Knoop, General Manager, Flow-X Computers, ABB. “This partnership is really good news for customers as it will help enhance service and technical support throughout the commissioning and operations process.”

“ODS has over 40 years of experience with flow computer integration and metering automation projects. By using ABB’s state-of-the-art Flow-X flow computers we will enable customers around the world to achieve more reliable measurement and digitalization of their metering assets,” said Berry van Hoek, COO of ODS Metering Systems. “With this partnership, we are pleased to offer clients the best of both worlds.”

The partnership will extend ABB’s expertise and increase the reach of its Flow-X computers, ensuring the timely and safe delivery of energy across the globe. It will also see the two companies support customers who have faced long delays and other inconveniences due to a disturbed supply chain in recent years, helping to avoid shutdowns of primary infrastructure that can leave homes and industies without energy.

ABB’s Flow-X series works in synergy with ABB’s range of Coriolis flowmeters, pressure and temperature sensors, and its award-winning gas chromatographs, making measurement easy across industries.    

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