Endress+Hauser USA announces plans to strengthen the LNG industry

Jan. 18, 2024
Company will provide complete LNG tank gauging systems to various projects in the Gulf Coast to ensure accuracy, safety and reliability.
Courtesy of Endress+Hauser
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January 18, 2024 (Endress+Hauser release) — After prioritizing support to the LNG industry in 2023, Endress+Hauser USA has announced its plans to strengthen that initiative in 2024. The company has invested in new resources and was recently awarded several LNG tank gauging systems projects on the Gulf Coast. This results from the company’s strategy and commitment to continuously support American energy business growth across all sectors. Endress+Hauser will provide years of expertise to ensure transparent, accurate inventory control and safe and reliable operations. 

“At Endress+Hauser USA, we have a dedicated LNG task force. We’re excited for the opportunity to continue showcasing our expertise and dedication to the LNG industry by working with new and existing companies to enhance their production, safety and reliability efforts,” said Jason McCartney, LNG National Business Development Manager, Endress+Hauser USA. “Tank gauging remains a crucial sector for us, and as precise measurement and control of bulk liquids during transfer and storage remain pivotal for oil and gas entities, our portfolio and decades of experience are built to meet performance objectives.”  

Regarding meeting performance objectives, Endress+Hauser USA and its team of experts will continue supporting new and existing customers to meet tank utilization, throughput and supply chain goals, all while reducing unaccounted losses and operational costs. In addition to helping throughout the asset lifecycle, Endress+Hauser USA’s tank gauging portfolio will allow its customers to remain proactive regarding accuracy, safety and reliability. Furthermore, Endress+Hauser USA solutions benefit various applications, including refineries, terminals and depots. 

“For many years, we’ve offered reliable tank gauging systems to the market, but now, more than ever, it is required to have not only reliable devices but reliable partners to navigate through this consistently changing business environment,” said Cesar Martinez, Natural Gas & LNG Industry Marketing Manager, Endress+Hauser USA. “Our goal for 2024 will be to continue providing customers with a top-of-the-line toolbox. In addition to our solutions, we provide a second-to-none team and connected monitoring and support to help customers meet their market needs. Companies within the industry are just a steppingstone away from meeting their goals, and Endress+Hauser USA can be that steppingstone.” 

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